Subhrajit Banerjee

Subhrait Banerjee

Name: Subhrajit Banerjee

Home Country: India

PhD Degree-granting Program: BMB

PhD Advisor: Dr. Patricia Kane

Description of Research Project:
I study how properties of intracellular organelle, specifically their pH are tightly regulated by organelle specific lipids.

Favorite thing about SUNY Upstate:
I love the work environment at Upstate. The well-designed graduate program gives us scope for becoming an independent researcher, mentor and also balance work-life. The faculty are very friendly providing an incredible learning expirience.

Favorite thing about Syracuse or Central New York:
I love nature. In Syracuse, you get as close to nature as you possibly can, through activities such as hiking, running, skiing and many more.

Questions about admissions and applying should be directed to the Assistant Director of Graduate Recruitment and Admissions, Krystal Ripa (Smith) at or (315) 464-7719.