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Syracuse, NY 13210
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Name: Richard JH Wojcikiewicz, PhD, Professor and Interim Chair

Current research in the Department of Pharmacology focuses on cancer biology, pharmaceutical science, drug discovery, structure-based drug design, cell signaling, cardiovascular disease, neurodegeneration, and stem cells.

This program awards:
  • PhD in Pharmacology
  • MS in Pharmacology

The department's strengths include cardiac electrophysiology; the molecular biology of signaling pathways; intracellular proteolysis; regulation of tumor suppressors and the discovery, development and testing of novel cancer therapeutics.

To continue this excellent tradition in research and teaching and to keep pace with changes in pharmacology, our department is enhancing its research strengths and expanding into new research areas in pharmacology such as cancer drug discovery, pharmacogenomics and personalized medicine.

The recent and significant growth of the department is aligned with the strategic focus on cancer as one of the university's research focus areas, and with the 2010 opening of the Upstate Cancer Research Institute.

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