• Jeffrey Amack, PhD
    Associate Professor
    Genetics and cell biology of organ morphogenesis during embryonic development.
  • David Amberg, PhD
    Regulation of actin dynamics and analysis of genomic influences on actin function.


  • Edward Berry, PhD
    Assistant Professor
    Biological energy transduction by membrane protein complexes, with emphasis on oxidative phosphorylation and photosynthesis.
  • Scott Blystone, PhD
    Associate Professor
    Actin Cytoskeletal Dynamics in the leukocyte inflammatory phenotype.
  • Dimitra Bourboulia, PhD
    Assistant Professor

    * Cancer Biology and Cell Signaling

    * Molecular mechanisms of tumor invasion and metastasis 

    * Prostate cancer development and progression

  • William Brunken, PhD

    Epigenetic regulation of brain and ocular development; the role of extracellular matrix in ocular development and disease. 


  • Blair Calancie, PhD
    CNS plasticity after trauma; intraoiperative electrophysiology.
  • Peter Calvert, PhD
    Associate Professor
    Molecular mechanisms of protein transport and localization in retinal neurons; mechanisms of retinal degenerative diseases
  • Gary Chan, PhD
    Assistant Professor

    Human cytomegalovirus pathogenesis and persistence. 

  • Xin Jie Chen, PhD
    Associate Professor
    Mitochondrial biogenesis and inheritance, aging and aging-related degenerative diseases.
  • Michael Cosgrove, PhD
    Associate Professor

    Epigenetic regulation of chromatin, Mixed Lineage Leukemia, structural biology, enzymology.

  • Richard Cross, PhD
    Distinguished Professor
    Bioenergetics, enzymology, structural biology, membrane protein function


  • Timothy Damron, MD
    Radioprotectant strategies: pediatric growth plate. Treatment of Fractures in Pathology Bone, Reconstructive Alternatives: Limb-Sparing Sarcoma Surgery, Genetics of Pagetoid Osteosarcoma
  • Eric Deshaies, MD
    Associate Professor

    Neuroprotective strategies following subarachnoid hemorrhage, Cerebrospinal fluid proteomics, Cerebral aneurysm genetics, Ischemic stroke

  • Joseph Domachowske, MD
    Pneumovirus pathogenesis.
  • Dipak Dube, PhD
    Molecular mechanism of cardiac myofibrillogenesis in vertebrates.
  • Thomas Duncan, PhD
    Associate Professor
    Bioenergetics, enzymology, structural biology, membrane protein function.


  • Timothy Endy, MD, MPH
    Understanding the epidemiology and pathogenesis of viral hemorrhagic and encephalitic arboviruses and host-vector interactions.


  • Stephen Faraone, PhD
    Distinguished Professor

    Psych. Genetics; ADHD and BP Disorder; Endophenotype. For more detail, see CV

  • Bart Farell, PhD
    Voluntary Faculty
    Mechanisms of visual perception of 3-D position, motion, color and object shape, investigated by psychophysical methods.
  • Wenyi Feng, PhD
    Assistant Professor
    Chromosomal DNA replication origins (location, timing and regulation), replication fork integrity and checkpoint regulation, genomic instability and chromosome fragility in both the yeast and human genome
  • Eileen Friedman, PhD
    The role of the kinase Mirk/dyrk1B in solid tumors


  • Jerrie Gavalchin, PhD
    Regulation of pathogenic antibody production in autoimmune glomerulonephritis; Cell-surface receptors for retroviruses
  • Debashis Ghosh, MSc, PhD
    Structure and function of enzymes in estrogen and androgen biosynthesis; rational design of enzyme modulators in hormonal breast and prostate cancers; characterization of interphotoreceptor retinol binding proteins.
  • Stephen Glatt, PhD
    Associate Professor

    Psychiatric Genetic Epidemiology & Neurobiology

  • Steven Goodman, PhD
    Proteomic assessment of sickle cell severity.


  • Steven Hanes, PhD
    Gene expression in development and disease, RNA pol II regulation, homeobox genes, prolyl isomerases
  • Sandra Hayes, PhD
    Assistant Professor

    Roles of B lymphoid kinase (Blk) in lymphocyte development and activation as well as in preventing autoimmunity

  • George Holz, PhD
    Drug development for the treatment of type 2 diabetes mellitus.
  • Brian Howell, PhD
    Assistant Professor
    The signal transduction events that regulate the functional organization of neurons in the brain, and the phenotypes caused by defects in the genes that encode these signaling molecules.
  • Huaiyu Hu, PhD
    Associate Professor
    Molecular studies of brain malformations.
  • Ying Huang, MD, PhD
    Oncogenic signaling in cellular transformation and apoptosis; tumor suppressor genes.
  • Bihchen Hwang, DDS, PhD
    DNA replication of herpes viruses.


  • Burk Jubelt, MD

    CNS acute and chronic polio- and entero-virus infections; Growth factors for Post-Polio Syndrome; Treatment of Multiple Sclerosis; Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) Motor Neuron Gene Expression


  • Patricia Kane, PhD
    Professor and Chair
    Vacuolar H+ATPases (structure, function, assembly and regulation), cellular pH homeostasis, cellular stress responses, protein sorting, genomics, yeast as a model system
  • Wendy Kates, PhD
    Anatomic and functional imaging investigations of neurodevelopment in individuals with genetic or psychiatric disorders
  • William Kerr, PhD
    Transplant immunology and stem cell biology.
  • Dilip Kittur, MD, ScD, FACS
    Xenotransplantation, Endothelial cell dysfunction, Use of herbal products in transplant biology
  • Barry Knox, PhD
    Professor and Chair
    Visual transduction, Gene Expression, Membrane proteins
  • Leszek Kotula, MD/PhD
    Associate Professor

    Cancer biology, cell signaling, the role of actin cytoskeleton in tumor progression, mouse models of cancer

  • Mira Krendel, PhD
    Assistant Professor
    Physiological functions of myosin motors and their roles in diabetic kidney disease and cancer
  • Andrzej Krol, PhD
    Associate Professor

    Advanced tomographic reconstruction in PET and SPECT. Breast cancer detection and imaging using molecular, MR and x-ray imaging. Nonrigid multimodality breast image registration and fusion. Advanced breast cancer lumpectomy. Ultrafast laser-based x-ray source for biomedical imaging. Advanced tomographic reconstruction in cone-beam micro-CT.


  • Stewart Loh, PhD

    Protein engineering, design, and folding

  • Hong Lu, PhD
    Assistant Professor

    Gene regulation during liver development and carcinogenesis

    Drug metabolism, liver protection, cancer chemoprevention, and cancer therapy

  • Juntao Luo, PhD
    Assistant Professor

    Nanomedicine, drug delivery, cancer imaging and cancer treatment; gene delivery and gene therapy, protein/peptide delivery. biomaterials in tissue engineering; combinatorial chemistry and drug discovery; High throughput screening; microarrays. 


  • Kenneth Mann, PhD
    Micro-mechanics of implant interfaces; damage evolution of joint replacements and biomaterials; in vivo models of tumor osteolysis and prediction of fracture risk; general orthopedic biomechanics.
  • Bryan Margulies, MS, PhD
    Assistant Professor
    • Mesenchymal Stem Cell Biology
    • Cell Migration and Cell Fate Choices
    • Endochondral Bone Growth
    • Orthopedic Tumor
  • Paul Massa, PhD

    Regulation of innate immune responses to viruses.

  • Russell Matthews, PhD
    Associate Professor
    Role of glycoproteins in oncogenesis and brain development
  • Frank Middleton, PhD
    Associate Professor

    Molecular basis of cortical-basal ganglia and cortical-cerebellar circuit formation and dysfunction in neurological and psychiatric disease.

  • David Mitchell, PhD
    Regulation of ciliary dynein activity and assembly, and the role of the central pair complex in ciliary motility regulation.
  • Jennifer Moffat, PhD
    Associate Professor
    Varicella zoster pathogenesis.
  • Golam Mohi, PhD
    Associate Professor
    Stem cell biology, cell signaling, hematopoiesis and blood cancer 
  • Mehdi Mollapour, PhD
    Assistant Professor

    Post-translational regulation of the Hsp90 molecular chaperone machinery in cancer

  • Brad Motter, PhD
    Voluntary Faculty
    Visual Neurophysiology; Visual Attention; Visual Search Behavior



  • Megan Oest, PhD
    Assistant Professor
    Orthopedic tissue engineering; angiogenesis & graft/implant viability; fetal basis of adult disease; intrauterine stem cell programming.
  • Eric Olson, PhD
    Associate Professor
    Cellular and molecular mechanisms of cerebral cortex development.
  • Donna Osterhout, PhD
    Assistant Professor

    Biology of oligodendroglia and myelin formation during development, remyelination and repair in spinal cord injury and MS"


  • Andras Perl, MD, PhD

    Genes and Viruses Predisposing to Autoimmunity, Genetics, Apoptosis, Endogenous Retroviruses, Transaldolase

  • Arkadii Perzov, PhD
    Biophysical mechanisms of cardiac arrhythmias; fluorescence imaging.
  • Francesca Pignoni, PhD
    Associate Professor
    Neurogenesis; Retinal Progenitor Cells Specification and Proliferation; Genetic Control of Stem Cell Identity and Maintenance; Disease Genes Analysis in Drosophila
  • Thomas Poole, PhD
    Associate Professor
    Vascular development and the alignment of growing nerves and blood vessels in quail and zebrafish embryos.
  • Dawn Post, PhD
    Assistant Professor

    Cancer treatments. My lab is currently investigating two different cancer therapy approaches: (1) oncolytic viruses and (2) inhibitors of the EGFR/Her pathway.

  • Michael Princiotta, PhD
    Assistant Professor
    Antigen processing and presentation; Cytotoxic T lymphocyte response to viral and bacterial infections
  • David Pruyne, PhD
    Assistant Professor
    Biochemistry and cell biology of formins as actin cytoskeleton organizers, using Caenorhabditis elegans as a model system.


  • Rosemary Rochford, PhD
    Etiology of viral-associated malignancies, gammaherpesvirus pathogenesis.
  • Michael Roe, PhD
    Associate Professor
    The Roe laboratory studies signal transduction mechanisms that regulate pancreatic beta cell biology and the pathophysiology of diabetes.


  • Jean Sanger, PhD
    Analysis of the assembly of the actin/myosin cytoskeleton in muscle and non-muscle cells.
  • Joseph Sanger, PhD
    Professor and Chair
    Cellular analysis of the formation of myofibrils, stress fibers, and cleavage furrows in living cells.
  • Mark Schmitt, PhD
    Ribonucleoprotein assembly and biogenesis; mitochondrial RNA import, mRNA degradation, cell cycle control
  • M Saeed Sheikh, MD, PhD
    Apoptotic signal transduction and cancer biology.
  • Edward Shillitoe, PhD

    Gene therapy for cancer; Bacterial causes of obesity, diabetes and periodontal disease

  • Allen Silverstone, PhD
    Research Scientist
    How dioxins and estrogens and estrogenic compounds affect the immune system.
  • Vladimir Sirotkin, PhD
    Assistant Professor
    Mechanisms of the actin cytoskeleton assembly and role of myosin-1 during endocytosis in fission yeast.


  • Steven Taffet, PhD
    Regulation of intercellular communication in the heart, gene expression during macrophage activation
  • Daniel Tso, PhD
    Associate Professor
    Neuronal mechanisms of visual perception, studied through physiological, anatomical and functional imaging techniques.
  • Christopher Turner, PhD
    Distinguished Professor
    Regulation of cell migration by focal adhesion adapter proteins and their role in cancer cell metastasis.


  • Mary Lou Vallano, PhD
    Neuronal survival and development.
  • Richard Veenstra, PhD
    Regulation of connexin-specific-gap-junctions; gap junction channel biophysics.
  • Andrea Viczian, PhD
    Assistant Professor
    Mammalian retinal stem cells formation; molecular mechanism of retinal cell fate decisions; using cell replacement therapy to heal the blinded eye.


  • Stephan Wilkens, PhD
    Associate Professor
    Structure and Mechanism of Membrane Bound Transport Proteins
  • Gary Winslow, PhD

    Host defense against intracellular pathogens, B cell responses, immunological memory

  • Richard JH Wojcikiewicz, PhD
    Professor and Interim Chair

    Intracellular signaling via InsP3 receptors and their regulation by the ubiquitin/proteasome pathway and Bcl-2 family proteins.


  • Yunlei Yang, MD, PhD
    Assistant Professor

    Deciphering and manipulating the cellular signaling circuits for feeding behaviors using approaches including electrophysiology, pharmacogenetics and optogenetics.

  • Steven Youngentob, PhD
    In utero ethanol and nicotine exposures and chemsensory systems plasticity, olfactory biomarkers of ADHD, olfactory signal transduction, peripheral and central mechanisms of odorant quality coding.


  • Li-Ru Zhao, PhD
    Associate Professor

    Brain plasticity, Brain repair, stroke, Alzheimer’s disease, CADASIL, Traumatic brain injury, Live brain imaging, Stem cell biology and therapy, Cell signaling, Cell-cell interaction.

  • Sijun Zhu, MD, PhD
    Assistant Professor

    Genetic mechanisms of Drosophila neural stem cell self-renewal and specification

  • Michael Zuber, PhD
    Associate Professor
    The molecular basis of retinal stem cell formation; regulating retinal stem/progenitor cell proliferation; using retinal stem/progenitor cells to heal the injured or degenerating retina.