Syracuse skyline

Syracuse Costs Less...
To give you an idea how reasonable the cost of living is in Syracuse, we calculated how much you would need to earn in 12 cities with major biomedical research centers to equal our stipend here. These calculations assume you are renting, not owning a home. If you earn $25,008 living in Syracuse, you would need to earn:

  • $27,830 in Baltimore
  • $33,809 in Boston
  • $29,041 in Burlington
  • $27,772 in Chicago
  • $34,599 in D.C.
  • $31,133 in New Haven
  • $54,088 in New York City
  • $29,272 in Philadelphia
  • $31,567 in San Diego
  • $39,279 in San Francisco
  • $28,124 in Seattle
  • $42,160 in Stony Brook

Master of Science Program Costs

Miscellaneous Costs

Fees, Books, Living Expenses, etc:

College of Graduate Studies

Master's students must pay tuition.

Fall 2014 tuition for master's students is:

  • $5,185 per semester / $432 per credit (New York residents)
  • $10,095 per semester / $841 per credit (out-of-state residents)

NOTE: Tuition subject to change without notice.