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Syracuse Costs Less...
To give you an idea how reasonable the cost of living is in Syracuse, we calculated how much you would need to earn in 12 cities with major biomedical research centers to equal our stipend here. These calculations assume you are renting, not owning a home. If you earn $24,513 living in Syracuse, you would need to earn:

  • $27,830 in Baltimore
  • $33,809 in Boston
  • $29,041 in Burlington
  • $27,772 in Chicago
  • $34,599 in D.C.
  • $31,133 in New Haven
  • $54,088 in New York City
  • $29,272 in Philadelphia
  • $31,567 in San Diego
  • $39,279 in San Francisco
  • $28,124 in Seattle
  • $42,160 in Stony Brook

Miscellaneous Costs


Graduate Students pay the following annual tuitions:

Full Time
(12 or more Credits Per Term)
Part Time
(1 to 11 Credits Per Term)
NYS Resident Non-Resident NYS Resident Non-Resident
MS $9,870 $18,350 $411/credit $765/credit
PhD $9,870 $18,350 $411/credit $765/credit

Go to PhD Program Costs at the College of Graduate Studies for more info.

See Doctor of Physical Therapy at the College of Health Professions for more info.


The following fees are charged annually to all students. Some students may pay additional fees depending on their program and year of study.

Activities Fee $180
Health Services Fee $230
Disability Insurance Fee $65
SUNY College Fee $25
Technology Fee $233

Books and Supplies

Costs for books and supplies vary by program and range from approximately $1065 per year.

Estimated Living Expenses

We estimate monthly living expenses for students to be:

Room (per month) $900
Food (per month) $480
Personal (per month) $197
Travel (per month) $245


Health Insurance $3,440

Note: All students are required to have Health Insurance, either through their parents, spouse, employer, or on their own. A student policy is available through the University.

For additional information:
Phone: 315 464-4570
Fax: 315 464-8867