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Stipends and Benefits

What is the current stipend for graduate students?

The annual stipend is currently $22,845, which is paid on a biweekly basis.

How does this stipend compare to stipends at other graduate schools?

Our students generally find it very easy to live on their stipends because the cost of living in Syracuse is very low compared to many other cities. For example, you would need to earn $43,419 in New York City, $34,027 in Boston, or $28,511 in Philadelphia to equal our stipend of $22,845 in Syracuse.

What health care benefits are provided to graduate students?

If receiving a graduate student stipend, you are eligible for the Graduate Student Employee Health Insurance Program. The cost for the plan is approximately $11.00 biweekly for enrollee, $70.00 biweekly for family, and is deducted from the stipend check. The health plan includes dental and vision care benefits.

Is the stipend considered taxable income?

According to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), stipends are taxable.

Is on-campus parking available?

Parking is available, at a fee which varies based on location. For further information on pricing and shuttle services, please visit Parking Services.

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College of Graduate Studies,

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