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Dengue Research Symposium: Friday, April 26, 2013

In January 2013, Dr. Stewart Ibarra had the opportunity to meet with Dr. Edgar Rodas, former Minister of Health of Ecuador and founder of Cinterandes, an NGO dedicated to providing surgical procedures to communities in need, especially in remote rural areas, through the use of a mobile surgery unit. Cinterandes is based in the city of Cuenca, a beautiful UNESCO World Heritage Site located in the southern Andean highlands.

Street scene

Since 1994, Cinterandes has successfully completed over 7000 surgeries across the country. Their mission is to, “To carry out programs to enhance human capabilities and satisfy basic human needs. We believe these programs should cover: health, education, food production and nutrition, housing, work and productivity, communication and recreation.”


hospital bed

Opportunities are available for medical students and residents to rotate for 4 – 8 weeks in various local hospitals and clinics, and students join the surgical team of the Mobile Surgical Unit during the pre-operative evaluation of patients, participate as assistants during surgical procedures.

For more information and to apply: http://www.cinterandes.org/index.php/es/

PROMETEO Fellowships bring PhD scientists to Ecuador

The Ecuadorian government is looking for foreign and Ecuadorian researchers with PhDs to come to the country and strengthen education, scientific research, innovation and technological development in all strategic areas of Ecuador. PROMETEO fellows live in Ecuador for 4 to 12 months and conduct research and teach at a university or public research institute; these periods of time may or may not be consecutive. Fellows receive a generous living stipend and other financial support.

For more information and to apply: http://prometeo.senescyt.gob.ec/