SC HOPE Clinic—Salt City Homeless Outreach Program

The Salt City Homeless Outreach Program (SC HOPE) is a program aimed at helping the under served population of Syracuse. It is a registered student organization at SUNY Upstate Medical University. The biggest component of the program is a part-time ambulatory care clinic, primarily run by medical students. It has served as a free clinic for the homeless since January 1989. Other aspects of the program include a shelter outreach as well as a migrant outreach component.

Migrant Healthcare "The Portable Clinic"

Starting in the summer of 2003 the Doctors and Student Volunteers of SC HOPE in conjunction with the Onondaga County Health Department began to provide care for the area's Migrant Farmworker Population. Migrant Farmworkers are usually Latin Americans who come to work at the local farms during the summer months or Jamaican workers who come to work on the apple farms at the end of the summer and the beginning of the fall. This is a population that generally does not receive much medical attention but is prone to many illnesses associated with working long hours in the dusty outdoor environment of the farm field.

OASIS Program

OASIS is a national education and service organization that brings people together to enrich lives and strengthen communities. We inspire people age 50-plus to lead vibrant, healthy, productive lives. At OASIS you can learn, develop your talents, and connect with others who share your interests, stay healthy and make a positive impact in the lives of others.