Information for Healthcare Professionals

pregnant woman

Screening Questions for Lead in Pregnancy

  • Do you live in a home or apartment built before 1978?
  • Have there been any recent home improvements or repairs where you live?
  • Were you born or have you ever lived in another country?
  • Do you use medicines, cosmetics or spices from another country?
  • Do you or someone with whom you live have a job or hobby that could bring you into contact with lead?
  • Do you use pottery that was made in another country, painted china or leaded glass?
  • Have you ever eaten or chewed crushed pottery, soil, paint chips or other things that aren't food?

Risk Assessment Questions for Children

  • Does your child live in or regularly visit a house/building built before 1978 with peeling or chipping paint, or with recent, ongoing or planned renovation or remodeling?
  • Has your family/child ever lived outside the United States or recently arrived from a foreign country?
  • Does your child have a brother, sister, housemate or playmate being followed or treated for lead poisoning?
  • Does your child frequently put things in his/her mouth such as toys, jewelry, or keys? Does your child eat non-food items (pica)?
  • Does your child frequently come in contact with an adult whose job or hobby involves exposure to lead?
  • Does your child live near an active lead smelter, battery recycling plant, or another industry likely to release lead or does your child live near a heavily traveled major highway where soil and dust may be contaminated with lead?