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Central/Eastern New York Lead Poisoning Resource Center

Location: University Hospital, 750 East Adams Street, Syracuse, NY 13210
Contact: Elizabeth Domachowske, MPH, Program Coordinator
Phone: 315 464-7584
Fax: 315 464-6322
Email: domachoe@upstate.edu
Resource Centers: NYS Regional Lead Resource Centers Contact Information

New York State Lead Testing Requirements

Children in New York State are mandated to have blood lead testing done at both 12 months of age AND 24 months of age, regardless of exposure risk. Why?

  • Lead levels rise between six and twelve months of age, and peak between eighteen and thirty-six months of age. This trend is consistent with normal childhood development, since children in this age group have increased mobility, increased tendency to explore the environment, increased hand-to-mouth behavior, and efficient GI absorption of lead. Because of these trends it is required in New York State that all children have a blood test for lead at one and two years of age.

Children should be risk assessed for lead exposure at every well visit through age 6 years. If the assessment indicates exposure, a blood lead test should be ordered.

Health Professionals: See Screening Questions for Lead in Pregnancy