Helpful Links

Here are some helpful to links to local and statewide resources:

For the latest clinical HIV care guidelines from New York State AIDS Institute:

Information about prenatal care for pregnant women with HIV:

Local case management services for persons living with HIV/AIDSand their families:

Your guide to local events, activities, blogs and chats dedicated to HIV awareness and activism:

Local help with housing, mental health, substance abuse and basic needs issues for persons living with HIV/AIDS:

Case management services for persons living with HIV/AIDS in the Southern Tier Region:

An interactive map of the HIV epidemic regionally and nationally:

Free text message reminder service for medication and refills:

Great resource for up to date information about health care, HIV & STDs:

Website devoted to how HIV/AIDS and STDs affect adolescents:

Terrific 4 part video series for adolescents all about HIV awareness, prevention, testing and treatment options: