Activity Rooms & Playspaces

Activity Room for Teens

There's an activity room just for teens to hang out in on the 11th floor. In addition to the special lighting with cool effects, you'll also find:

  • Two computers for teens to use the internet, communicate with friends from home, and play video games
  • An X-Box 360 with games designed for teens
  • Large flat-screen TV for events like Movie Night just for teens
  • I-POD with docking station for teens to listen to music they enjoy
  • Crafts, such as jewelry making and scrap booking
  • Board and card games


For younger patients, there are playspaces on the 11th and 12th floors. Play is essential to normal growth, learning and development in children. For a child in the hospital, play also allows for normalcy in the chaos of illness and assists in distraction from pain, trauma and anxiety. The playspaces are "safe" spaces because no procedures, consults or exams are allowed there.

children in multisensory room

Multisensory Room

Multisensory rooms are used for children with developmental disabililties and for pediatric rehabilitation. The room allows pediatric patients to interact with their environment through sensory input. The materials and equipment in the room are controlled by the therapist to meet the individualized needs of each patient. The goal of the sensory stimulation is to:

  • Promote relaxation and enjoyment
  • Relieve pain and distress
  • Provide developmentally supportive activities that enhance behavioral, cognitive and physiological outcomes
  • Maximize therapeutic interventions

The Golisano Children's Hospital is the first children's hospital to have an inpatient multisensory room in the United States.

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