Art Therapy

Art Therapist, Child Life Program
Phone: 315 464-9068

drawing for art therapy     child with messy hands

Art Therapy provides children a safe and protected way to tell their story without having to use words, especially since they may not have the words or the vocabulary to express their needs, wishes, fears, frustrations, or losses. Art Therapy allows children with medical conditions to have complete choice and control over their art process and product during a time in which, understandably, they will have few other opportunities to do so.

The Art Therapist offers children a wide variety of developmentally appropriate art media, including but not limited to photography, painting, clay, drawing, weaving, beading, collage making, visual journaling, and play therapy, in order to:

  • Help children express physical dimensions of their illness and pain in order to work through it or communicate to others.
  • Establish safety and help children adapt to new conditions and surroundings.
  • Support children with containment and safety if they are feeling overwhelmed or out of control.
  • Assist children in safely retelling their trauma story, when and if they choose, (without re-experiencing) in order to work through trauma, separate themselves from the traumatic incident, and move beyond the trauma.
  • Create positive distraction, fun, and stimulation for children.
  • Build self-confidence, competence, and self-esteem in children.
  • Include parents, family, and care-givers in the art making process to help cope with hospitalization, illness, and injury.

The Art Therapist is a Licensed Creative Arts Therapist (LCAT), a Mental Health Professional, licensed by the state of New York. The Art Therapist works collaboratively with Child Life Specialists and all of the members of the healthcare team to provide the very best coordinated service possible to the children and their families.

Art Therapy Wish List PDF document