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Volume 17, No. 8, August 2014

Welcome, Dr. KinKee Chung

The Department of Pediatrics warmly welcomes Dr. KinKee "Henry" Chung who will be dividing his time between General Pediatrics and Developmental Pediatrics. Dr. Chung and his family live in Clay. The Crier had hoped to get an exclusive interview with Dr. Chung.Instead, we received an interview given by an unnamed interviewer which should tell you pretty much everything you need to know about Dr. Chung:

Interviewer = Int* (see disclaimer below)
Dr. Chung = Chung

Int: Dr. Chung, can you help me to pronounce your first name? I don't want to offend you.

Chung: It is pronounced as, KIN KEE (key), both syllables should be "flat" tone. Many people make a mistake and pronounce my name as "Kinky" and had caused the person calling me that some embarrassment.

Int: Dr. Chung...

Chung: You can call me KinKee

Int: OK, Kinky, oh no. Audio, can that phrase be cut out?

Chung: Don’t worry about it. BTW, I have another given name since kindergarten, it is Henry.

Int: Henry? Does KinKee mean Henry?

Chung: No, the way my name is spelled is likely due to the British not knowing how to translate Chinese to English

Int: Why?

Chung: That is a long story, it is related to where I was born!

Int: So where were you born, Kin-Key?

Chung: Hong Kong

Int: Ah, so you were born in China.

Chung: No!

Int: You just said Hong Kong?!

Chung: Yes, but not China.

Int: It is China last time I checked.

Chung: It is possible you were very young when Hong Kong was given back to China from UK. Hong Kong was a British colony for 99 years and returned to China in 1997 so when I was born, Hong Kong was a British colony.

Int: Oh I see! So when did you move to the US?

Chung: I will take my Fifth Amendment Right for this question!

Int: What? OK, that is your right.

Chung: Thank you, that is the reason my parents brought me to this wonderful country, we have rights.

Int: Right! So did you go to High School in the US?

Chung: Yes and graduated.

Int: Where did you go for your undergraduate?

Chung: CUNY Brooklyn college

Int: Excuse me? SUNY Brooklyn?

Chung: It is City University of New York

Int: Oh, the one in Harlem?

Chung: No, that is CUNY City College, I was from CUNY Brooklyn College

Int: I see! Then medical school after graduation?

Chung: Not right away. I worked 4 years in NY Hospital as a Pre-organ transplant immunology lab technician

Int: What did you do with that job?

Chung: Matching organ donors with recipients; tough work, had to be on-call.

Int: Wow, a very important job!

Chung: Yes, we could even make the surgeons have to wait until I called them for the results. You know, making a surgeon wait, got to be kidding, but my position could do that.

Int: So why you quit?

Chung: I will take my Fifth Amendment Right for this!

Int: OK, I respect that

Chung: @_@;

Int: Then what did you do?

Chung: Graduate school. I got a Master in Biology

Int: Why? Why not just go to Medical School right away?

Chung: I take my Fifth...

Int: OK, I got it. Then which medical school did you attend? Are you taking your Fifth with this one?

Chung: Nova Southeastern University, Fort Lauderdale Florida.

Int: Wow, Fort Lauderdale; great place for medical school; nice beach.

Chung: No, the first 2 years I was there, I went to the beach 5 times; Every Monday we had an exam.

Int: Where did you do your residency?

Chung: Winthrop University Hospital, Mineola NY; in Long Island

Int: Residency in Pediatrics, right?

Chung: Yes

Int: And then?

Chung: I went to Cincinnati Children’s Hospital for a Developmental and Behavioral Pediatric fellowship.

Int: How long was that?

Chung: Three years and then I worked for a year in private practice; then I left for Fort Drum as a pediatrician.

Int: Fort Drum?

Chung: Near Watertown. I was in Fort Drum for 4 years

Int: So you lived in Watertown?

Chung: Only the first year. I moved to Syracuse and drove daily to Fort Drum.

Int: That is crazy. How did you survive the winter? The Snowbelt of the Tug Hill?

Chung: AWD with snow tires, praying a lot.

Int: So why you quit there; Oh, never mind. I know your answer already.

Chung: No, I'll answer that; I left Fort Drum for this great institution. I like to torture residents; excuse me, I meant teaching residents.

Int: Well, we have yet to know what kind of pediatrician you are and how you will treat our residents. Time will tell; I have seen many terrible preceptors through the years.

Chung: Well... through the years? Wait, how old are you?

Int: I will take my Fifth Amendment Right for that!

*Editor's Note: The unnamed interviewer is not related in any way to the Crier – this was an independently contracted interviewer.


The Grand Almost-Opening

Well, it is almost official. The brand new Upstate Cancer Center will be officially opening for business on August 25th. In the mean time, a series of grand opening activities took place from July 16-19.

The Upstate Cancer Center Celebrates its Grand Opening

The Ribbon Cutting Ceremony was held on Friday, July 18th followed by the Public Open House on July 19th. The soon-to-be-open cancer center is comprised of 90,000 square feet on three stories. It has 27 infusion chairs, four linear accelerator vaults for radiation therapy, a high-tech intraoperative suite, a four-season rooftop healing garden, a meditation room, a family resource center, multidisciplinary practice locations, additional rooms for counseling services, and a boutique for apparel and other personal products. It also includes two additional floors for future expansion.

The Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

The building has been decorated with artwork from local artists and photographers. Our own Patty Mondore donated one of her nature photos and it is now on display hopefully helping to make this new state-of-the-art facility a warm and inviting (and healing) place.

One of the many local photos and artwork adorning the new Cancer Center

For more details about the new cancer center visit Upstate Online.

Breaking Them in Gently

It must seem like a long time ago, now, but the new interns had week of orientation at the end of June that included a picnic at the program director's house and a pool party at the O'Malleys. Then, on July 1st, the real fun began.

New intern orientation festivities

GCH Helps Celebrate LEON Day

On June 26th (a rain date) Syracuse celebrated Leon Day marking the half-way point between Christmas 2014 and Christmas 2015. This was the first annual Leon Day Celebration held at Onondaga Lake Park and the GCH was well represented along with a dozen or so other Upstate programs and services there offering information to attendees. The Child life team recruited future doctors and nurses to participate in the festivities as pictured below.

Leon Day, 2014

In the News

In case you missed it, our very own Melissa Schafer had her letter published at in regard to Rt I81 and Health Care.

Pediatric Star-of-the-Month

By Lisa Blystone
This month's Pediatric Star goes to Angela Pericozzi. Angela was actually nominated for two stars last month. First, she singlehandedly took on the task of personally cleaning the GCH call rooms. This was a huge undertaking and she did a fantastic job. Second, she stepped in on short notice to help out with the ACGME CLER visit staying late one evening to meet with the site visitors in her role as assistant chief. Angela is a true star! Please see Lisa or Patty for your Stars prize.

Here Comes the Brides

Two of our new interns are also newlyweds, having "tied the knot" just before starting residency. Megan (Eyunni) Pinnamaneni and Beth (Oaks) Krieger were both married between Match Day and Start Day.

Megan and Sridhar were married on April 12th 2014 in Houston, Texas. If he looks familiar it might be because Sridhar also matched at Upstate in Orthopaedic Surgery.

Megan and Sridhar Pinnamaneni

Beth and Yonathan Krieger were actually married twice. Their first ceremony was in Israel on May 3rd and their second celebration was on May 31st at Tupper Lake. Interestingly, their traditional American wedding took a somewhat unusual twist when an uninvited guest showed up near the end of the ceremony. That is probably a good thing to keep in mind as far as having weddings at a place called "TheWild Center".

Beth and Yonathan Krieger at their typical Adirondack wedding

Also just married, congratulations to former resident Erin Hannagan who got married to David Grant on July 12th in Chambersburg. PA. One of her pediatric doctors (Dr. Kennedy) was given special recognition at the ceremony. We wish Erin and David the very best.

Erin Hannagan and David Grant

New Arrivals - Welcome Junebug and Siobhan!

Just as we were going to press we received the following note from Dr. Caitlin Deluca: "Big beautiful news. Woo-hoo!!!!!! Meet our precious Juniper Jean Deluca! Junebug for short! Born Saturday, July 26th at 5:15 am, 5 lbs 5 oz, big pink lips and a full head of hair!! Mommy, Daddy and the Junebug are all doing well! Love, Caitlin and Otis

Welcome, Juniper Jean Deluca!

Congratulations, Caitlin!

Congratulations, also, to former resident Sean Holdridge on the birth of baby girl Siobhan Maureen on 6/26 at 7lbs; 15oz.Everyone's doing great!

Welcome Siobhan Maureen Holdridge

The Cresswell Kids

Former Resident Angelle Cresswell sent the following: As promised, here is a pic of the gang! Larry-9, Olivia-4, Jacob-3. They don't get any cuter than that! Thanks for sharing Angelle! Angelle has been working at the Children's Clinic of New Orleans since completing her training in 2009.

Larry, Olivia, and Jacob Cresswell


Check out the invitation being sent out by Crouse Hospital for their 38th Annual Tribute Evening: A Sinatra-Inspired evening honoring some faces no doubt familiar to all. The date is September 19th at 6:00 PM in the OnCenter. Tickets start at $300 a person. Call 470-7008 for more information.

Sinatra-Inspired Honorees

Pediatric Fine Arts

We close this month's Crier with another amazing picture taken by Lisa Blystone of her new puppy, Luna. She calls this shot, "Flying Luna".

Flying Luna - by Lisa Blystone

Thanks for sharing, Lisa!

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8/8 Tara Wilhoit
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8/10 Mark Claus, Jody Sima
8/15 Melissa Schafer
8/17 Craig Byrum
8/22 Beth Nelsen

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