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Volume 19, No. 1, January, 2016

The Crier Bridal Edition

We have had so many weddings so far this year among our pediatric residents that we thought it would be fun to feature them in our February (Valentines) issue. We hope you enjoy our first ever Crier Bridal edition.

We start with third year resident, Helena Gutierrez. Helena was married on December 19, 2015 (in Colombia) to Nathaniel Jones

Congratulations, Helena and Nathaniel

Third year resident, Joyce Saliba was married on May 29, 2015 to Georges Audi. The ceremony was held in Ghazir, Lebanon

Many blessings to Joyce and Georges!

Third year resident Jia Maan was married on July 22, 2015 to Omar Khan. They were married in Lahore, Pakistan.

All the best to Jia and Omar!

First year resident Kisha Beg was married on January 1, 2016 to Muhammad Irfan Altaf at the Badshahi Mosque in Lahore, Pakistan (which Kisha tells the Crier, is over 400 years old).

Congratulations to Kisha and Muhammad!

And we end our parade of the brides with first year resident, Iram Ashraf. Iram was married to Umair Masood on May 22, 2015 in Waterloo, Ontario.

Best wishes to Iram and Umair!

Congratulations, again, to all of our lovely brides and their husbands! Thanks to all of you for making this the most beautiful issue of the Crier ever!

Paige's Butterfly Soars in 2015

Chris Arnold and Ellen Yeomans presented a check of $240,000 to the GCH on 12/30. Their daughter Paige lost her battle with cancer in 1994. Three years later, some teachers at Paige’s elementary school asked if they could have an event in Paige’s honor. They decided on a walk/run and it has been going on annually ever since.
Toni Gary tells the Crier, "The incredible Team from Paige's Butterfly Run led by Ellen Yeomans and Chris Arnold came by with $240,000 raised in 2015 to support our pediatric cancer care and research. This gift is the largest made to pediatrics this year, and the largest gift from Paige's Run to date! Over the last 19 years, Paige's Butterfly Run has raised more than $2 million dollars to support our kids and families. We couldn't be more grateful and consider them to be an important part of our Upstate family."

Chris and Ellen presenting their check to the GCH

Note that the 20th Annual Paige’s Butterfly Run is set for Saturday, June 4th. Registration will open on February 1st. For more on Paige’s Butterfly Run see Upstate Online. Or, you can visit the official Paige’s Butterfly Run website at

13 Interesting Interview Facts

Interview season is over and we will be submitting our rank list in the next few weeks. Then, the countdown will begin to Match Day. In the mean time, here are 13 somewhat random facts about this year's interview season.

  • We interviewed 130 applicants
  • There were 13 interview days
  • There were 13 interview dinners
  • We had only 8 faculty interviewers
  • Dr. Nelsen interviewed on all 13 days
  • We have 13 intern spots to fill on our match list
  • We had 10 applicants per day
  • The total number of applicants who applied to our program was 1345
  • There were 19 Upstate students
  • 23 of our applicants were from US medical schools other than Upstate
  • 23 of our applicants were in the couples’ match
  • 23 of our applicants were osteopathic students
  • Match day is Friday, 3/18

Retirement Party!

The Division of Peds Nephrology had a retirement party for Sue Sheffield on January 14th at Kelley’s Restaurant. Friday, Jan. 8 was her last day. Vickie Keeler organized the party and got the retirement gift. Some of Sue's former co-workers from her Crouse Hospital days even came. We wish Sue the very best, but we will definitely miss her!

Best wishes to Sue Sheffield (center) who retired in January

More Thanks!

Here is another thank you letter we received from the Word of Life Christian Academy who has adopted the GCH for the year. If you think all those long hours you have been working are going unnoticed and appreciated, Samuel will tell you otherwise:

Samuel appreciates all your hard work

Snowflake Success

As most of you probably remember, December was a big month up in the GCH and especially for all of the Child Life staff and volunteers who helped to make this year’s Snowflake Central an amazing success. It was also a major blessing to the 144 families who came through Snowflake Central to pick out holiday gifts for their children. Margaret Nellis told the Crier, “In addition, several clinics also benefitted from the many holiday donations that were given to Snowflake Central, after the GCH giveaway was finished. The following clinics all received donated gifts:

• Pediatric Surgery
• Pediatric Infectious Disease
• Social Work
• Developmental Center
• Radiology
• CARE Clinic
• Physical Medicine and Rehab
• 4B Inpatient psyhiatry
• Cleft Palate Clinic
• Burn Clinic
• Pediatric Urology
• Clinics in POB
• Eye clinic Harrison Center
• Community ED
• Joslin Center
• Upstate Pediatrics in Baldwinsville

All the inpatient GCH Playrooms, School room, 3N Pediatric Surgery Center, Pulmonary Center, Pediatric Emergency room also received donations.”

That may seem like an incredible amount of gifts and, indeed, it was! The total figure for the donations that came through Snowflake Central was $ $66,648. One can only conclude that we live in a very generous and supportive community. We are thankful to everyone who helped to make this holiday giving a wonderful experience for so many!

Snowflake Center is another huge success

Welcome to the Pericozzi Family!

Congratulations to former resident, Angela Pericozzi, on the birth of baby boy Nicholas Michael, born on December 28, 2015 at 9 lbs, 7 oz. Mom, dad, and Nicholas's two big brothers, Aedan and Gabe "couldn't be more happy!".

Welcome, Nicholas Michael Pericozzi

Welcome, Baby Okhman

Congratulations to Kate Okhman (one of our residency applicants who is also currently working for Peds ID as a CRA), on the birth of baby girl Maya Valerie Okhman. Maya was born on January at 7 lbs, 11 oz. Mom and Maya are doing great!

Welcome, Maya Valerie Okhman

OttoThon – The Movie

Lorie Riedl from Upstate Marketing shared the following link to the latest OttoThon video. See if you can spot Dr. Welch's cameo appearance:


In Memory – Dr. William H. Bergstrom, 1921 - 2016

Our condolescences, thoughts, and prayers to the family of former pediatric nephrologist and Upstate faculty member, Dr. William (Bill) Bergstrom who passed away on 1/16/16 at the age of 95. You can read Dr. Bergstrom's full obituary on the Boston Globe's website.


Party at the Dinosaur!

Don't forget that the long awaited Midwinter Party is this Friday, February 5th, at the Dinosaur BBQ. Hopefully, the Crier will have the full report in our next issue (or at least as much as we are allowed to put in print).

Other February dates to remember:

2/2 Ryan Kwong
2/4 Hilliary Sismondo
2/10 Avideh Rashed
2/14 Winter Berry, Steve Blatt
2/18 Leonard Weiner
2/24 Manny Karjoo, Richie Cantor

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