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Volume 20, No. 1, January 2017

Best Wishes, Dr. Noel!

The Crier recently learned that Dr. Leon-Paul Noel, the former chief of pediatric ophthalmology (with a joint appointment in pediatrics) recently retired after over 20 years of service to children of CNY. In his weekly newsletter, Dr. Welch wrote: "Beyond being willing and able to see any kid at any time, he was always a regular at department social events and was a terrific resident teacher. He stepped down from most of his duties several months ago, moving back to Ottawa with his wife. He is formally retiring from Upstate, but will be maintaining emeritus status. He wanted to be remembered to everyone, and I thanked him for all that he has done for the children of our region." Dr. Noel shared the following with the Crier:

"I first came to Syracuse in the fall of 1995 on a one year 'sabbatical' from my teaching and acting program director position at the Childrens' Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO) and the University of Ottawa.

From the outset the pediatric community of CNY and my good friend and fellow pediatric ophthalmologist Dr. Walter Merriam were very supportive. My colleagues allowed me to tailor the right mix of private and university practice to make things academically and professionally interesting. It did not take long that my wife and I decided to adopt Syracuse as our new home and 20 years flew bye.

One unforgettable memory has to be my first weekend on call which coincided was with the Dept. of Pediatrics Christmas party. I and the senior ophthalmology resident whose fiancée was a Peds. resident were both in attendance. Shortly after 10:00PM and my second Perrier he came to me with 'Dr. Noel welcome to the USA; we have not one but 2 teenagers with gunshot wounds to go see in the ER.'

The pleasurable highlights of course were becoming a US citizen, the development of the Children’s hospital and the expansion of the Ophthalmology residency from 6 to 9 residents. For family reasons my wife and I have returned to Ottawa but remain very attached to the many friends we made in Syracuse. Thank you all for making our stay so enjoyable and we welcome you to call us if you visit our beautiful Canadian capital."

We all wish Dr. Noel the very best!

Upstate Golisano Family Advisory Council Joins Children's Hospital Team

Jenny Dickenson
The Upstate Golisano Children’s Hospital (UGCH) has six new members on its team! The newly formed Upstate Golisano Family Advisory Council met for the first time in January 2017. Family advisors are parents of children treated at the children’s hospital and will be volunteering their time to provide parent input and involvement on decision making at UGCH.

Advisory Council
The GCH Family Advisory Council

The advisory council was born out of the Solutions for Patient Safety initiative ( and offers a formal way to involve patients and families in safety and quality initiatives at the children’s hospital.

Advisors were nominated by members of UGCH clinical and administrative staff and will serve a two year term.

Advisory council meetings will be held the third Thursday of every month from September through June. UGCH staff who would like advisory council input on current topics or projects are invited to contact Jenny Dickinson, Coordinator of Pediatric Programs and Events at 315-464-9330 or These will be accepted on a rolling basis.

Interview Stats

Now that the interview season is over, and as we await the results in the March match, it is the perfect time to share a few stat and thank all of the people who helped to make this such a great season. Thanks to all of the faculty and residents who invested countless hours in applicant dinners, and interviews, we were able to interview a total of 140 candidates for our 15 PL1 spots. There were a total of 14 interview days, with 10 candidates per day. As a matter of interest, we interviewed 22 Upstate students, 24 osteopathic students, 20 Canadian applicants and 12 applicants who are participating in the couples match. We are looking forward to Match Day, which is March 17th.

February Events:

Don't forget, the Annual Mid-Winter Housestaff/Faculty Party starts at 7:00 PM on Friday, 2/3/17 at the Dinosaur

The Chill Room

The Crier mentioned the new Chill Room last month but here is a great article about it from Upstate Online.

Children's Hospital Winning Photo

Once again this year, the GCA had a winning entry in the annual Children's Hospital Association photo contest. Entries are submitted from hospitals all over the US and are then followed with a traveling exhibit of the winners. It will probably not be a surprise to anyone that our own Kathleen Paice Froio submitted our winning photo.

Kathleen Paice Froio's award-winning photo

Congratulations and thank you, Kathleen, for representing us so well!

Paige's Butterfly Run Visits the GCH

Upstate Online reported that Chris Arnold and Ellen Yeomans, parents of Paige Arnold Yeomans, visited the GCH to present a check for $232,000 raised through the 2016 Paige’s Butterfly Run. They presented the check to Dr. Melanie Comito, MD., Division Chief of Peds Heme/Onc. The June 2016 Run marked the 20th Anniversary of this annual event which has now raised more than $2.5 million to support pediatric cancer research and cancer care, including services for families who are faced with the many challenges presented by a diagnosis of childhood cancer.

Trust-worthy News

Dr. Stuart Trust sent the following news item about an incident that involved his granddaughter, Sarah. He wrote, "Sarah Trust, super nurse on 11 peds heme-onc unit, returning from Morocco yesterday, on flight from Munich Germany to Newark, responded to the call, 'Is there a medical professional on board?' and was able to offer aid to a passenger with chest pain, difficulty breathing etc. She was thanked profusely by a grateful crew and passengers, and deplaned with a bottle of wine." – Proud Grandfather

Sarah Trust in Morocco

Baby Deluca

We welcome the newest addition to our department. Whitaker Blue Deluca was our first departmental baby of the New Year arriving on 1/7/17 at 4 lbs 15 oz. Congratulations, Caitlin!

Welcome, Whitaker Blue Deluca!

Caitlin tells the Crier, "Baby Whit is as precious as can be and doing great! Big sister Juniper is completely in love with her new baby brother. Hello and hugs to everyone from the whole Deluca clan!! xxoo"

The Deluca Clan

Baby McBride

Congratulations to former resident Josh McBride on the birth of Harrison Gary McBride, born on 1/10/17 at 8lbs 14.5oz. Harrison will be joining his three other siblings in the McBride family.

Welcome, Harrison Gary McBride

A Particularly Secret Santa

While it seems that all of the faculty and resident participants enjoyed their Secret Santa name exchange this year up until its end date in December, there was at least one Secret Santa who decided to remain secret just a little bit longer. Kendall’s Secret Santa has continued to send hints and clues without revealing his or her identity. In mid-January, Kendall received the following note:

"Nelsen, Kennedy, Ajagbe I am not.
Follow the clues closely; You are getting hot"
Clue 1: female...gum
Clue 2: outpatient...fruit
Clue 3: 4...granola bar
Clue 4: CAB...lifesavers
Clue 5: 1284....notepad
Clue 6: XRUSCT...calming candle
Keep guessing,
Mrs Santa

Another Secret Santa Success

Speaking of Secret Santa gifts, Dr. Mirza Beg thought that the Crier readers would enjoy seeing the picture he got from his secret santa, that is now on display in his office.

Dr. Beg's gift from Santa

Bird Whisperer

The Crier recently learned that one of our pediatric staff has developed a special relationship with a pigeon named Rosie. Laura Roth, who works at the front desk at the Center for Development, Behavior and Genetics, shares the following:

"I have been feeding the birds for years, but the first time "Rosie" flew onto my hand was Dec 19, 2016. During my lunch breaks, I sit on the corner, eat, people watch and bird watch. I'd throw crumbs out for the birds scampering around me. I gained a following, pigeons, sparrows, and the occasional robin. I decided to bring real bird seed for them, after I realized I was buying lunch for the birds. Crazy bird lady!

Just this year, my following of feathered friends have started to recognize me. If I don't get the seed out fast enough they will fly up and flutter around me, like humming birds.

On Dec. 19th, my co-worker Jai was out with me to witness my bird whispering. This morning the birds seemed particularly friendly and hungry. So I held out my hand filled with seed, as they fluttered about my face. 'Rosie', named after my mother, just landed there. I was so excited. I had no idea this would happen, and Jai was there take the pictures. Now, almost every day, Rosie will fly up to my hand and enjoy her lunch. Even after a two-week vacation, she returned when I returned. The other birds flutter around me trying to get the courage to land on my hand too, but so far, only Rosie will."

Rosie meets the Bird Whisperer

One Good Tern

Since we are on the subject of birds anyway, our editor, Patty Mondore recently wrote an article for the Thousand Islands Life Magazine about one of her adventures with a seagull-like bird that decided to go for a kayak ride with her one morning.

Where Are They Now: Dany Curi and the Star Kids of Lebanon

The Crier recently reconnected with former resident Dany Curi (2009-2012). After completing his fellowship in Peds Heme/Onc in Chicago, Dany returned to Lebanon where he is a Pediatric Hematologist-Oncologist at St. George Hospital University Medical Center. He is also an Assistant Professor of Clinical Pediatrics at the Faculty of Medicine and Medical Science, University of Balamand. When asked about his motivation to return to Lebanon, Dany wrote, "It is a long story but I wanted to do something rewarding. So I kept my academic title by working at St. George hospital (Beirut) and do a lot of Peds Heme-Onc consultations at small hospitals where my sub-specialty is not available. I have a peds and peds hematology clinic for the syrian refugees as well. It is a new medicine! Limited resources and funding so I do the best I could do. Trying to make a difference in my short life. – Dany" You can find out more about Dany’s work at:

2/10 Avideh Rashed
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