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Volume 17, No. 11, November 2014

Interview Season Has Begun

October 31st was actually the second day of residency interviews but it seemed appropriate to kick off the November issue of the Crier with this picture of a typical interview day in Syracuse. Note that the Vice-Chair of Education is on the left, and the Pediatric Residency Program Director is on the right. The seven applicants, when not dressed as Wizard of Oz characters or superheroes, are all Upstate students. It's going to be a great year!

A typical October 31st interview day

A Jolly Good Peds ID Fellow

Next time you call Peds ID for a consult, you may hear a new voice on the phone. We are pleased to welcome our new Peds ID fellow, Dr. Hassan El Chebib. In an exclusive interview, Hassan told the Crier:

"I grew up in the United Arab Emirates where I attended high school and then moved to Lebanon to continue my studies and earned my M.D. degree in 2007. Before finishing my residency in Pediatrics past June, I did a couple of years of basic science research. I’ve been married happily to Sara and we have our little Celine. In my free time, I like to catch up on anything related to technology, both medically and otherwise. Movies/series, especially when it comes to sci-fi and fantasy (any GoT fans?) is something I really enjoy watching and reading about. The pediatric side of me (all of us has some of that) loves video games and my daughter joins in on in the fun. Traveling, food (food network FTW), reading, soccer (Chelsea fans, anyone?) are other things I enjoy in my leisure time. I look forward to working with you all!!"

Dr. Hassan El Chebib and his family

Intern Retreat, 2014

Our 13 no-longer-new interns all enjoyed a lovely day and overnight in Skaneateles for the 2014 Intern Retreat at Stella Maris's Retreat Center on Oct 2-3.

The interns along with Zach and Elsa March, enjoyed dinner on Thursday night at the Blue Water Grill in Skaneateles. Birthday cake was provided for Sarah Marsh. Sarah tells the Crier, “My husband and child were the only non-interns. They were a last minute addition - my fellow interns took pity on me because they wanted me to see my husband and daughter longer than 30 minutes on Thursday. It was much appreciated. I can’t thank them enough”. The rest of the evening was spent relaxing and playing some intense games like Taboo, into the wee hours of the night at Stella Maris. There’s probably more to that story but, as Sarah put it, “what happens at Stella Maris stays at Stella Maris” The next morning they were joined by the program directors for activities which of course included the longstanding egg drop contest. We are pleased to announce that two of the teams managed to successfully package their eggs for a safe landing. Congratulations to the Jones/Kainth/Naimi team, and to Team Pinnamaneni/Kreiger/Grant. They are considering challenging last year's winners on a finalist play-off.

Another highlight (or low-light depending on how you look at it) was having all 13 interns stand on a small blanket and try to flip it over without anyone getting off the blanket. Judging from the video that was anonymously submitted by one of our associate program directors, it does not appear that there were any winners in this particular event. (See movie online at

Overall, everyone had a great time and got to know their fellow interns a little bit better.

Class of 2017 at their intern retreat

Activating Communities: Grassroots Inclusive Fitness in CNY

The Fitness Inclusion Network (Fit-IN), co-presented by Upstate Medical University, held its second annual fitness conference on Friday, Oct. 10 at WCNY on Fayette St. One of the main organizers of the event was our very own Nienke Dosa, MD, MPH, who is also a member of the Fitness Inclusion Network (Fit-IN).

Over 120 people attended the conference including many community leaders some of which included community organizers, executive directors and director of athletics from several school districts, the director of Challenger Field of Dreams, the YMCA inclusion coordinator, the commissioner of parks and recreation and our very own Syracuse City Common Councilor, Nader Maroun. Also in attendance were directors of many area programs and local wheelchair athletes who brought in several different types of adapted sports equipment to be displayed and tried by anyone interested. There were also several wheelchair athletes who were highlighted in the film, Changing Sports, Changing Lives, produced by ESPNs Dennis Deninger who was also in attendance.

The 2nd Annual Inclusive Fitness Conference


Representing Us Well

One of our three AAP resident reps, Ryan Kwong, was able to make it to the AAP
National Conference & Exhibition from October 11–14 in San Diego. Note his fashionable AAP man-bag.

Ryan Kwong at the AAP meeting in San Diego

GCH's Everyday Hero

Congratulations to Sarah Irish who was featured in the Fall 2014 Issue of Childrens’s Hospitals Today. She was nominated by Margaret Nellis and was selected from among all other nominations nationally. Everyone who has worked with Sarah will agree that this was a well-deserved honor. See full article at

4th Annual Pumpkin Winners

The GCH hosted its 4th annual pumpkin decorating contest. The competition was stiff as a large number of incredibly creative entries were submitted. In the end, four winners were chosen:
Individual Grand Prize: Crazy Cat Lady and Friends-created by Laura Roth
Individual 2nd Place: Fall Fun-Robin Grabowski and Cheryl Kardjian
Group Winner Grand Prize: Wild Things- 11E Pediatric Surgery
Group Winner 2nd Place: Olaf-11G Pediatric Hematology/Oncology

4th Annual Pumpkin Contest Winners

If you missed the fun, keep an eye out for the December snowman contest.

Triple A Donation

Many thanks to AAA - Liverpool office for their generous donation of over 230 new books, coloring books, boxes of crayons and other fun things to the Family Resource Center (FRC) that were distributed at the GCH Halloween parade. Pictured with the donation is Michelle Brown, Wendy Schumacher AAA, Tayna Carter AAA and Mary Laverty.

Thanks to AAA for their generous donation to the GCH

Thanks to Lorie Ridel for the picture.

Piggie and Elephant Visit the GCH

Thanks to the Syracuse University Bookstore for sending author Mo Willems' characters "Piggie and Elephant" to the GCH to help celebrate National Children's Book Week. They also brought books to give to the patients. Mary Laverty tells the Crier that the beginning reader series of books featuring Piggie and Elephant won the coveted Geisel Award in 2014 which is given to the most distinguished American book for beginning readers in the US during the preceding year.

Piggie and Elephant visit the GCH

Last (Wo)Man Standing

The Resident Assassin game came to a dramatic ending on October 2nd when Caitlin Stiglmeier dealt the fatal blow to the second-to-last standing resident, Joyce Saliba. Congratulations to Caitlin for a job well done (not necessarily one to include on a CV). And thanks again to Jeremy for a great game suggestion.

The last standing assassin

Young at Heart

The Crouse Tribute Evening on Sept 19th was a big success. The event, which was subtitled,"Young at Heart," was a Sinatra-inspired evening held at the Oncenter. The event was a tribute to the Peds Cardiologists. Pictured from left to right are Drs. Craig Byrum, Matthew Egan, Frank Smith, Daniel Kveselis, and Nader Atallah. They were all recognized for their "significant contributions to Crouse Hospital and the thousands of lives they positively affect each year with their life-saving care".

The Young at Heart Cardiologists

For more details and lots of pictures of the event:

Clowning Around

Shortly after their big night, several of the cardiologists were spotted shaking a leg with Ronald. See if you can pick out the real clown(s).

Cardiologists at play

More Clowning Around

Dr. Welch joins the fun

Note that all of these socks are being proudly worn to help celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the opening of the first Ronald McDonald House and the birth of the RMHC system!

In the News

On October 8th, News Channel 9 ran a story on eating disorders and featured our very own Dr. Karen Teelin as an expert on on the subject. You can view the article on the Channel 9 website:

Our very own Jana Shaw was featured in numerous publications, including JAMA, and on the local news as our local authority on Enterovirus-D68.
The Syracuse news even included a real time online chat with the local community.

Jingle Bell Run/Walk

Help support our very own Dr. Caitlin Deluca as she participates in the annual Jingle Bell Run/Walk for Arthritis on Saturday, November 22 at the SRC Arena. It is sponsored by the Arthritis Foundation and Dr. Deluca is this year's Medical Honoree. You can join her team, the Golisano Jolly Joints by following the link to her personal web site.

11/1 Irene Cherrick
11/8 Joe D., Manika S.
11/9 Regina McConnell
11/10 Beth Krieger
11/15 Jay Peacock
11/20 Mirza Beg

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