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Volume 19, No. 9, September, 2016

New Faculty: Welcome, Dr. Aditi Khokhar!

Pediatrics warmly welcomes our new Pediatric Endocrinology Faculty member, Dr. Aditi Khokhar. Aditi started on July 13th and shares the following: "Hello everyone, I feel delighted to introduce myself to the Pediatric family at Upstate through the Pediatric Crier. Some of you might have met me on the Peds floor in last few weeks. I joined the Pediatric Endocrine team at Joslin this July after completing my fellowship at SUNY Downstate in Brooklyn. I grew up in India and went for medical school there. I live with my husband and 3-year old daughter, who keeps me busy after work hours. In free time, I like to go out with friends and family. I love to travel and try to explore new cultures and foods whenever I get a chance. Below is a picture of me and my daughter during our trip to SF last year !! I am really looking forward to working with you all and getting to know each one of you. Hope to meet you soon !!
Aditi Khokhar"

Dr. Aditi Khokhar and her daughter

SIM Day, 2016

On August 11th, the pediatric residents spent their morning splinting, suturing, eating, and learning about other medical emergencies at theEMSTAT center. This was our 4th Annual Pediatric SIM Day and it was obvious from the pictures that, in addition to learning some excellent skills, that a good time was had by all (except maybe the guy at the center bottom of the picture below). Dr. Thabet, who was instrumental in making the day happen for us, shared the following: "August 11th marked the 4th Annual Peds Sim Day this year. The sim day is four jam packed hours of hands-on activities for the pediatric residents by the pediatric emergency medicine faculty. Originally it was created to enable Peds residents to be more comfortable with procedures that they have to do while rotating in the Peds ED. The sims include: a shock station, teen trauma sim, sick infant sim, a splinting station, a suture station, and an IV/IO/LP station. The event began with amazing breakfast (provided by Peds ED attendings) and ended with a round of applause from the residents. All had a great time."

The 4th Annual Pediatric SIM Day

Our thanks to the Peds ED faculty and fellows who made this day another great success!

Hospitalist Medicine Conference

Several members of the department represented Upstate at the 2016 Pediatric Hospital Medicine Conference from July 28- 31 in Chicago. Drs. Andrake and Nead attended along with two of our residents who were there presenting their posters. Congratulations to Beth Krieger and Jasmin Moradi.

Scenes from the Hospitalist Medicine Conference

There were also sightings of several other former residents including Raya Safa, Astha Khanna, and Katie Fry (and baby Sam).

Global Health Update

Dr. Domachowske
"It happened around 7pm on Saturday April 16th just as we sat down to eat dinner", he told me when I asked how he was doing since the 7.8 magnitude earthquake hit coastal Ecuador. "The shaking was so violent we thought the world was ending". The well-spoken teen then told me that his world ended a few hours later when he was informed that his parents and 4 year-old sister were killed during the 'terremoto'’. "That was 3 months ago, doctor, and it still seems like it was yesterday".

I saw this teenager in a makeshift clinic in coastal Ecuador last month. He knew our team would be at the school, talking to patients and their families and offering medical assistance while the government continued to work on rebuilding their health care infrastructure in the affected area. He showed me his rash. I told him that he had 'hongos' and gave him a tube of antifungal cream to treat it. We talked for a bit longer, then I moved on to precept a SUNY Upstate Medical student who had been interviewing and examining a family of three. They too had family members die in the earthquake. They too came to the clinic with some very basic health complaints that were easy to treat. They too needed a level of emotional support and reassurance that powerfully overshadowed any physical ailments they pointed out.

Patient after patient, family after family told their stories and relayed their fears and anxieties every time the earth moved. The post-quake tremors had become a bit less frequent, but were at least a daily occurrence. One was particularly unsettling even for those of us who had not experienced the 'Big One'.

My trip to Ecuador in July had three main objectives. 1. To work toward establishing a global health elective for Upstate residents. 2. To evaluate the potential for pediatric clinical trials in two regions where we already have a strong Upstate presence. And 3. To provide some much needed pediatric clinic care to the areas most affected by the April disaster.

Global Medical Opportunities

The objectives were met. The next trip to Ecuador will be in December with several Upstate faculty and residents. Education, research and clinical opportunities abound. Orientation, preparation and a review of competencies are required, but the opportunity will be recurring and will be open to all residents who qualify. Monthly updates will be included here in the Crier (assuming the Editor in Chief will allow a regular column). An overview will be presented at the October Onondaga County Pediatric Society meeting (to which all pediatric residents have a standing invitation!), and a Pediatric Grand Rounds presented in early 2017.

Editor's Note: We will. Look for Dr. D's monthly updates in future issues of the Crier.

Hail to the Chiefs!

The Syracuse Chiefs came and spent the day with the GCH kids and families on August 25th. This was the 50th year of the chiefs making their annual visit to Upstate’s pediatric patients. Upstate (and the kids), are all extremely grateful. As noted on the GCH Facebook Page: "Not one single summer has passed by without our beloved hometown baseball team stopping by for a visit -- in the last 50 YEARS! We continue to be amazed by their generosity and with sincere gratitude, we thank them for their love. We love you right back, Syracuse Chiefs, and we can't wait to see what the next 50 years will bring!"

The Syracuse Chiefs visit the GCH

Dory Visits the Residents

On August 3rd, several of the pediatric residents (and even a few faculty) got to spend an hour with Dory for a little Pet Therapy as a part of their Wellness Wednesday Noon series. Dory definitely accomplished her mission and we are thankful to Dory’s mommy, Martina St.Leger for allowing her to share a few warm and fuzzy hugs with our housestaff!

Dory spends a Wellness Wednesday with the residents

Here Comes the Bride

Congratulations to Marie Jose Moubarak who flew to Lebanon at the end of her PL3 year to get married. Marie Jose and Fadi Mouallem got married in Arnaoun Village on July 17th and then had a wonderful honeymoon in Maldives and Malaysia. Marie Jose then flew back to Syracuse just in time to start her Peds ID fellowship. We wish the new couple the very best!

Mr. & Mrs. Fadi Mouallem

Our Iron (Wo)Man

Our very own Nicki Jennings from Peds ID competed in the Lake Placid Iron Man race in Lake Placid (2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike, 26.2 mile run) last Sunday finishing just over 15 hours. Dr. Domachowske, who has competed in a few such races himself, noted, "Impressive by all accounts, but the part that really blew me away was that her fastest mile in the marathon was mile 26 (That's always my slowest... and I never do the swimming or biking beforehand). Congratulations Nicky!" The details are available on the website. Just look for her under "Nicky Jennings".

Welcome, Jack Smith!

Congratulations to Emily Smith (Class of 2016) on the arrival of baby Jack. Jack was born on August 28th, at 9 pounds 13 ounces! Emily tells the Crier that "Mommy, daddy, and big sister Sarah are happy and doing well."

Jack meets his big sister

The Wohlford Family

Last month we mentioned that former resident and faculty member, Katie Fry, had a baby. Now we have the proof. Pictured are Benjamin, Eric, Katie, and Samuel. Katie has started her "dream job" working at Stanford Children's Hospital. Eric has started his PL2 year. We wish them all the very best!

Benjamin, Eric, Katie and Samuel

The Balcony of Europe

The Crier received this picture of our program director and her hubby taken on the Costa del Sol in Spain.

Cruisin' the Costa del Sol

Dr. Kennedy was, no doubt, resting up for another busy interview season starting this month.

In the News:


Upstate Online recently featured our Pediatric Art Therapist, Maria Fazzini, stating that in her first year she has already logged over 1000 art sessions with GCH patients. That's a lot of art! (See full article for details).

Maria Fazzini working with a budding young artist in the GCH

It should be noted that on September 28 Maria, along with Clare Arezina, will be offering a music/art session to the Pediatric Residents as part of their Wellness Wednesday series.

Brooke and the Aslan Project

The Post Standard ran a very lovely story on our very own Brooke Fraser who went to Ethiopia on a medical mission trip in July.

Dr. Derm

CNY Central reported that Dr. Ann Sveen participated as one of the experts on the NBC3 Answer Desk Call-in show on skin care.

St. Joe's Newest Pediatrician

The CNY Business Journal News Network announced the name of the new Pediatrician who has joined St. Joseph's Primary care Center West. Her name may sound somewhat familiar to most of you. See the full story online.

September Events:

  • Regional Perinatal Symposium – 9/16 at the Sheraton.
  • Celiac at Natur-Tyme - Dr. Mirza Beg will be giving a talk at the next CNY Celiac Support Group meeting at the Natur-Tyme Health store on Erie Blvd, on Sept 18th from 2-4 PM. The public is welcome!
  • Pediatric Intern Retreat – Sept 22-23, VanderKamp (look for pictures in next month's issue).
  • The GCH Leafing Ceremony - On Sunday, 9/25 the GCH will be holding its annual "Leafing Ceremony" to honor each of the children who died in the GCH. An engraved leaf for each child will be placed on the tree outside the Treehouse. The ceremony is scheduled for Sunday, September 25, at 1:30 PM.
  • 15th Annual Pediatric Emergency Medicine Assembly – 9/28. Genesee Grande. For additional information and to register visit their website.

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