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Volume 19, No. 5, May, 2016

Welcoming New Faculty! Dr. Allison Fahy

We are very excited to finally be able to welcome and introduce our new PICU attending, Dr. Allison Fahy. Dr. Fahy is a board certified pediatrician who completed her pediatric residency at the University of Illinois, and fellowship in pediatric critical care at the Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin in Milwaukee. She is a member of the American Academy of Pediatrics and the Society of Critical Care Medicine.

Her scholarly activity has focused on patient safety particularly with medication overdoses in PICU patients. She has presented her research at the Institute of Health in 2015. She enjoys team and committee work on quality improvement initiatives and participated in many while completing residency and fellowship, as well as completed additional certifications in quality improvement courses focused on both adult and pediatric hospital systems. She is looking forward to learning about SUNY systems and processes and participating in quality improvement and patient safety projects.

Allison has grown up in Ontario Canada and is very familiar with the Syracuse climate. As a teen, summers were filled with camping, and winters with snowboarding. She participated as a camper at yearly residential camps and as a medical trainee volunteered with Camp Trillium (Ontario Childhood Cancer Camp) and Diabetes Camp at the University of Illinois. She participated in Outward Bound in Northern Ontario and this ensured a lifelong love for the environment and the outdoors. She is looking forward to exploring Upstate New York and enjoying the various national parks and forests in the area.

She was recently married to Mr. Amber and they look forward to living in upstate New York. Allison tells the Crier that Syracuse should be an easy transition as both being enthusiasts of outdoor activities (running, hiking, canoeing and camping). They currently have one rescue dog, Marla who is also a big fan of spending the majority of her free time outdoors as well.

Welcome, Dr. Allison Fahy!

Welcome, Jenny Dickinson

We are pleased to welcome Jenny Dickinson Jenny Dickinson, MPA as our new Coordinator of Pediatric Programs and Special Events. Jenny tells the Crier, "Hello! I am a Syracuse native through and through: lover of the Orange, Gannon's Ice Cream, Dinosaur, and all of our other staples. Originally from the City's Southside, I now reside in the Town of Geddes with my husband, two children, two cats, two dogs, and most recently...two crayfish! I studied Public Administration at the Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs at Syracuse University. Before joining Upstate I ran a cancer screening program for uninsured adults out of the Onondaga County Health Department. I am excited to join the Department of Pediatrics and the Upstate Golisano Children's Hospital! My role at the hospital will be to bring programming and events to patients and families as well as creating opportunities for increased family engagement at the hospital. I will also be located at the Upstate Foundation working to help in fundraising efforts to support the great work already being done by the numerous staff in Pediatrics and at Golisano."

Welcome, Jenny Dickinson!

Distinguished Service to Abused Children

Congratulations to our very own Nancy Mitchell who was the recipient of the 2016 McMahon/Ryan’s Cathy Senska-Haas “Distinguished Service to Abused Children” Award. This award honors the lifetime commitment of individuals who have demonstrated exemplary qualities in the care, treatment and/or investigation of child abuse. Briefly describe nominee’s accomplishments that reflect the quality of service, community involvement and commitment to the field of child abuse. And as her nominators stated, “The work that Nancy Mitchell performs in child abuse is unparalleled by any other nurse practitioners. She is outstanding in her field because she is so unique. She is qualified for this recognition because of her unwavering commitment to children, her dedication to improving their care, and her many, many years of service (26 years) to the children of Onondaga County and surrounding counties.” Nancy’s whole family was able to be at the award ceremony, including her daughter Sarah--who flew in from Germany for the event, with three little children!

Distinguished Service Award Winner

Dr D's Global Maternal Child and Pediatric Health Program

Our very own Dr. Domachowske is the Director of Upstate’s new Global Maternal Child and Pediatric Health Program. The new program was designed to address the global health issues women face during pregnancy and children face during early childhood. The Program will be based in Syracuse at the Institute for Human Performance, but carry out much of its work—clinical trials and educational opportunities—in Ecuador and Thailand. As almost everyone in our department is already aware, Dr. D. has already been leading medical missions to El Salvador for over a decade. Some of the clinical trials in the program’s first studies will be enrolling patients from Syracuse and Ecuador. You can read the full story at Upstate Online.

The PL2 Retreat

All 13 of the current PL2s were able to escape work on 4/15, for the second annual PL2 retreat. After a relaxing morning and lunch together, they were then split into two teams where they had to manage another escape. The teams competed in “Escape the Estate” at Shoppingtown and both teams were able to beat the one hour deadline.

The 2016 PL2 Retreat

The Crier received an anonymous tip telling us to "ask Sunny about the horse". Here is his response: "After a morning with the program directors on the 11th floor, we had some free time before we needed to be at Shoppingtown. Since it was such a nice day, we decided to head to the treehouse entrance for an impromptu photo shoot. It was a great time and well, one thing lead to another and I was being told to mount our beloved horse. I'd like to mention, that I had the full support of the program directors regarding this endeavor. So I guess the picture speaks for itself and I made it up there. What's not imaged is how quickly security came out and told me to get off. Luckily, they didn't see my badge."

The PL3 Retreat

Just a week after nearly needing to bail Sunny out of jail, the PL3s went on a retreat of their own to enjoy one last day together before graduating and going their separate ways. They started the evening before with dinner together on Thursday followed by brunch and a relaxing day at Tinker’s Falls on Friday. It was obviously a much more contemplative retreat than that of the PL2s.

The PL3s pondering life after residency

GCH Technology Stars

The Crier received a news tip about an article on Medical Technology done by Time Warner featuring our very own Pediatric Geek, Dr. Neal Seidberg. But if you watch the movie, you’ll also see a cameo appearance of one of our third year residents (.51 seconds).

Docs, Tots, and Pinwheels

The Docs-for-Tots students showed up to help Dr. Ann Botash plant pinwheels all over the front lawn of Weiskotten to raise awareness of child abuse prevention and to benefit the McMahon/Ryan Child Advocacy Center. The pinwheels are part of a nationwide tradition of observing April as Child Abuse Prevention Month. Pinwheels for Prevention is the signature campaign of Prevent Child Abuse America.

Dr. Botash and Docs-for-Tos planting pinwheels

Noon Report

Did you know that the age-old tradition of inpatient morning report has been moved to 12:15 PM every Monday, Tuesday, and Friday? Our chief resident, Vanessa Orrego tells the Crier, “All faculty are welcome and we would really like to encourage the Hospitalists to join.” So grab your lunch and come join the residents and chiefs for Noon Report in GCH 12405B.

APPD, 2016

The program directors and chiefs went to the Annual APPD meetings in New Orleans. Ace Reporter, Beth Nelsen, shares the following: "I had the great fortune to attend this year's APPD meeting held in New Orleans. Aside from some travel woes I had a great trip and a great meeting. As always we returned with some great ideas to make our program even better than it already is. The food was ridiculous. I'm certain there's no such thing as a bad meal there. We met up with former resident Angelle Cresswell and her husband Larry. Angelle is in private practice (soon to be solo practice!) and Larry is working as an ED attending while finishing up law school at Tulane. They introduced us to the craziness that is Bourbon Street. I presented a poster at the meeting, as did our most excellent chief residents. Next year the meeting is in Anaheim - back to the House of Mouse!"

An APPD Reunion

3rd Annual ARISE Dinner Award

On Weds, April 20, 2016 our very own Nienke Dosa was honored at the 3rd Annual Arise dinner and award ceremony and was the recipient of the "Celebrating Inclusion & Achieving Independence Award" at the Oncenter. She was honored for her commitment to developing community models for developmental disability care. Dr. Dosa focuses on the transition to adulthood and inclusive fitness across the lifespan. As the brochure put it, "The world is a better place because Dr. Nienke Dosa shares her extraordinatory gifts with us all. We are honored to recognize this exceptional leader for her commitment to inclusion and a community in which everyone can thrive." The other award recipient at the dinner was Leola Rodgers, MPH who was honored for her "unwavering commitment to comprehensive wellness, expanding access to mental health services, and positive impact on our community's health." Congratulations to them both for these well deserved honors.

Nienke Dosa and Leola Rogers receiving their awards

A Presidential Poem

The new president of Upstate, Danielle Laraque-Arena,MD, FAAP, was inaugurated on April 15th and our very own Ann Botash took part in the ceremony. Dr. Botash presented one of her original poems entitled: "Words Over the Adams Street Bridge".

Dr. Botash presents her poem at the presidential inauguration

Not Too Late to Be a Loser

It is not too late to be one of Joe D's biggest losers. The competition runs from May 6 through July 1. You can join a team to lose weight, win money, and support the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Joe tells the Crier, “We have 12 people signed up. 2 more maybes. Hoping for 25!” For more information or to support Dr. D. you can visit his Fundraising page at:

Baby White Shower

Some of the ladies in the department (residents and faculty) got together on Sunday, April 24th and had a baby shower for Karen White at Green Lakes.

Karen's Green Lakes baby shower

The Crier received several photos of this lovely outing but Ishita felt that the most important picture to pass on would be the one of Dr. Berry reading a book to Elsa about flatulence.


GCH Easter Baskets

Just before Easter, Sue Bertrand, the staff of Maureen's Hope Foundation, and several athletes from SU dropped off beautiful Easter baskets hand-made for every child who spent Easter morning in the GCH. In fact, the Easter Bunny himself along with his hopping helpers delivered the baskets to the kids.

Easter Baskets galore

Star of the Month

Lisa Blystone
Congratulations to Maureen Butler, Lori Ferguson and Chris Kuehnle who are the stars of the month for May. Dr. Len Weiner nominated them for the award because of all of their hard work leading up to, and during the research audit. It was an amazing amount of work and it was really very much appreciated. Each of you are invited to stop by UH 5803 to pick a prize from the Star prize cabinet!

Upcoming Events:

St Baldrick's Thanks

We had two members of the Department who wanted to thank everyone for their close shave:

From Lori Grabowski: "Hi Everyone, I want to thank everyone who donated to my shave for St. Baldricks. Our team, Griffin's Guardians, raised over $17,000, then we had an anonymous donor match it! That's right, a total of $34,000!! On top of that, Griffin's parents started a foundation last year after his death. They do a lot of fund raising and they presented a check to St. Baldricks for $25,000, so all in all, Griffins Guardians raised over $59,000! What an awesome feeling, truly. I was also having trouble with my St. Baldrick's page, it was not showing me all donations for some reason. Normally when I see a donation I send a thank you right away, so if you haven't received a personal thank you, I apologize. – Lori"

From Tara Wilhoit: "Here are a few pictures from Tracy Kalinowski and me. We had so much fun that day. We raised $2,380 for the St Baldrick's event at Kitty Hoynes. Kitty Hoynes Irish Pub & Restaurant had 573 shavees and raised $517,032.43 for childhood cancer research. They were 3rd top fund-raising event this year nationally. We were proud to be a part of it. It was such a humbling experience seeing all of the support. Thank you to all who supported us!"

Note that we have included a Before and After shot of Tara. Her hair seems to grow amazingly fast.

Before and After

Faculty Research Reception

Over 50 Upstate Faculty were recognized at a reception on 4/11 for having secured over $24 million in research funding for Upstate. Six of those honored were from our department. Congratulations to Drs. Ann Botash, Nienke Dosa, Christopher Fortner, Bill Kerr, Hank Roane, and Len Weiner.

5/3 Vanessa Orrego
5/7 Sue Stred, Khalia Grant
5/8 Asalim Thabet
5/10 Tim Hatch, Karen White
5/11 Chris Lopez,
5/12 Sherri Clarry,
5/14 Zafer Soultan,
5/15 Dave Sadowitz
5/18 Debby Carlson
5/20 Lou Pellegrino
5/26 Yorgo Zahlanie

We end this issue of the Crier with a reprint of an article from the April 16th issue of Friends and Advocates written by Dan Hurley as a tribute to for faculty member, Dr. Bob Kanter:


Reprinted from Friends and Advocates, 4/16 - Dan Hurley
-- He was a Renaissance Man, both a gifted intensive care and general pediatrician and a prolific writer. He was a Phi Beta Kappa at Penn and a graduate of the Maxwell School, an artist, a social activist. As a clinician, researcher and teacher, he will go down in the annals as one of Upstate’s greatest "triple threats."

Robert R. Kanter, 67, a nationally known pediatric intensivist who established the specialty in Syracuse in 1980 under then-Upstate pediatrics chair Frank Oski, died Monday.

"Bob was my mentor, my friend and I considered him as close as a brother," said Bill Hannan, who is an attending on Upstate's Pediatric Intensive Care Unit today. "He was complex, he was deep and was perfectly suited to his work teaching the next generation of doctors caring for the sick child in front of him. He was my inspiration and the reason I am where I am today."

"He had an incredible gift. He would walk into a room facing the worst possible situation, examine the child, ask a few questions and instinctively and immediately know how to organize and implement a plan to address the patient's needs," said Hannan.

After undergraduate and medical degrees at the University of Pennsylvania, Kanter came to Syracuse as a resident under Oski from 1976-79. Seeing a need for training intensive care pediatricians, Oski supported Kanter as he was one of the first to take a fellowship in pediatric critical care medicine at the Children’s Hospital National Medical Center in 1979-80.

Upon his return to Upstate, he headed a temporary ICU in a former four-bed unit at the end of the 4A wing. A long-time dream was realized in 1985 when a modern state of the art PICU was opened. At the time, it was the largest major fundraising campaign for the Upstate Foundation at $1 million.

Howard Weinberger, a two time chairman of Pediatrics, interviewed Kanter for his residency slot. "I can remember how versatile Bob was. He had this terrific skill at taking care of our most complex patients, but he was also among the best generalists in the department."

Weinberger noted how Kanter was forever challenging himself. He took a MPA at the Syracuse University Maxwell School and left in the early 1990s to become a researcher at Chapel Hill. Then chair, Weinberger was able to entice him to return two years later, much to the delight of his colleagues. He later became interested in disaster preparedness and public health.

He was the ultimate collaborator. His prolific list of publications are sprinkled with the co-author names familiar to Upstate including Oski, Weiner, Bove, Robson, Zimmerman, Stuart, Madden, Thompson, Smith, Terndrup, Dosa, Hannan, Domachowske, Andrake, Ragosta, Casper, and Davey.

Weinberger added two aspects of Kanter's approach to critical care medicine. "First, he did not tolerate mistakes or sloppy work and secondly he had a lot of respect for the role of the nurse. It was always a team approach to the care of the actutely ill child."

"I've heard people talk about Bob’s legacy," said Hannan. "For Bob it was never about his legacy. It was only about taking care of sick infants and children and teaching residents and students at the bedside."

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