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Volume 19, No. 6, June, 2016

Housestaff Appreciation and Awards

The Pediatric Class of 2016 celebrated a wonderful "graduation" celebration at the Crowne Plaza on Wednesday, June 15th. Along with the graduates, once again this year there were several other individuals who were honored or received special awards.

The Outstanding Pediatric Office Practice Teaching Award was presented by Dr. Botash to Drs. Kate Robinson and Priyanka Kaul, from Lyndon Pediatrics.

The Peds ED Rookie of the Year Award went to: Anuja Khettry and Meghan Jacobs.

New this year, Dr. Cantor presented the first Annual Robert Kanter, M.D. Award to Hilliary Sismondo and Ben Prince.

The Pediatric Nursing Award, presented by Sarah Morse and Liz Quigley, went to Christopher Myers, RN

The Special Appreciation Award, presented by Ishita Kharode, went to the Pediatric Social Workers.

The Pediatric Faculty Award, presented by Ben Prince, went to Celeste Madden, MD.

The Golden Needle Award was presented to Dr. Ben Prince for having logged the most procedures of any resident.

The Teaching Awards were as follows:

PL1: 1st - Avideh Rashed, 2nd - Anuja Khettry, 3rd - Megan Campbell

PL2: 1st - Sunny Kainth, 2nd - Melissa Jones, 3rd - Khalia Grant

PL3: 1st - Joyce Saliba and Marie Jose Moubarak, 2nd -Ryan Kwong, 3rd-Christopher DeLaney

The certificates were then presented to each of our 13 graduating PL3s and chiefs.

It was a beautiful and memorable evening for all, and we wish our grads the very best.

The Pediatric Class of 2016

Chancellor's Award for Excellence

Our very own Dr. Ann Botash was one of only seven individuals, State-wide, who received the 2016 Chancellor's Award for Excellence. As Upstate Online explained, "The Chancellor's Award for Excellence is our way of saying thank you to the many faculty across our university system who have gone above and beyond as they educate, mentor, and conduct research alongside our students, as well as the staff whose service to SUNY is of the highest caliber." Another name familiar to us here in Pediatrics who was also a recipient of the award was Ronald Saletsky. You can read more about both of our winners at Upstate Online.

The 2015-2016 Chancellor's Award Winners

President's Awards: Excellence in Research Award

As our Awards edition of the Crier continues, we learned that Dr. Manika Suryadevara was awarded the President's Award for Excellence in Research by a Young Investigator. This is given to junior faculty who have demonstrated excellence by publication of high-impact articles and achievement of extramural funding. Congratulations, Manika!

Leader of the Year

Last month we announced that Sherri Clarry was the recipient of the President’s Leader of the Year Award. Our on-the-scene photographer and nominator, Dr. Ann Botash was there representing the Crier well:

Leader of the Year

Employee of the Year Clinical

She was also there to capture this picture of Anne Galloway, RN, receiving her Employee of the Year Award. Congratulations, again, to Sherri and Anne!

Employee of the Year

AOA Awards

Meanwhile, a couple members of our pediatric faculty were busy winning awards of their own. Karen Teelin, MD, was chosen by the fourth year AOA students for their Excellence in Teaching Award and Robert Lebel, MD, was chosen by the Upstate AOA chapter students as a faculty member of AOA. Congratulations, to them both!

SOCRA Certified!

Congratulations to several members of our Peds ID Team, Jodi Halczyn, Lori Ferguson and Kristen Fluno who all recently learned they achieved passing scores on the Society of Clinical Research Associates (SOCRA) examination. All three are now designated as Certified Clinical Research Professionals by SOCRA and will be recognized as professionals in medical research who have achieved an internationally accepted standard of knowledge, education and experience. Jodi tells the Crier, “Shannon Atkins, a research coordinator who works in the CRU at the IHP also passed.” Congratulations, again, to the entire winning team!

Dr. Weiner's President's Award

Bringing this month’s list of pediatric awards to its exciting conclusion, we are pleased to announce that Dr. Leonard Weiner has been named as this year's recipient of the President's Award for Distinguished Faculty Service. No one in the department was surprised by this well deserved honor. Congratulations, Len!

Taken for Granted

The Crier recently learned that Drs. Steve Blatt and Winter Berry received a $350,000 grant for UPAC. In an exclusive interview with the Crier, Winter shared some of the exciting details of what this grant will mean to our patients and their families:

"The request for grant proposal for the Implementation of Healthy Steps in Children program was brought to our attention by Cynthia Jaconski via Jennifer Speicher. The grant, from NYS Office of Mental Health and DSRIP funds, provides approx $350,000 in funding over a 3 year period. This funding allows us to hire a LMSW who will be trained, in addition to key UPAC staff, on the implementation of the Healthy Steps program. Families enrolled in the program will enjoy enhanced well child visits, parental screening for Adverse Childhood Experiences, parental/family referral to community resources as necessary, home visits, parent support groups, screening for developmental and behavioral concerns and access to telephone consultation regarding these issues. Thankfully, the funding also allows us to provide all communication and written materials in the family's primary language so we are able to reach families who may be recent refugees. UPAC patients live in census tracts which place them in the most concentrated poverty in the country and experience all the associated hardships. I think Healthy Steps will allow us to bring time and resources to address some of the most common issues/concerns in these vulnerable children and families. The Healthy Steps program has been implemented in other institutions and has had an excellent track record of improved clinical outcomes and family satisfaction with care. Timing of roll-out will be dictated somewhat by the Office of Mental Health but the initial process will begin over the summer."

Meet the New Interns Picnic

The new interns and their families, our two new chiefs, along with several of our other residents and faculty all met at Jamesville Beach on June 22nd for a welcome picnic.

New Interns on Day 1 at Jamesville Beach

This was a well needed respite for the newbies after competing in a grueling scavenger hunt led by Captains Jones, Khettry, Krieger, and the independent intern team led by Moshe Roberts. While the competition was fierce and close, it was Team Krieger that was ultimately given top honors. Needless to say, they were quite pleased.

Scavenger Hunt Winners

Later that week, a group of the interns, faculty and residents made it to a Chief's game with the free hats Dr. Kennedy got for them all.

Chiefs and Pediatricians

Congratulations, Pediatric Class of 2019. We wish you all the very best.

class of 2019
Pediatric Class of 2019

Meet the New Associate Program Director

As the program directors were getting to know the new interns and chiefs, the new interns and chiefs were also getting to know our new Associate Program Director. It was recently announced that Dr. Brad Olson will be leaving us in August and that he will be passing the Associate Program Director torch to our very own Dr. Mide Ajagbe. We are very excited that she has taken Dr. Olson’s spot and the program directors, along with all of the residents are very excited about having her join the team. Welcome, Mide!


The 20th Paige’s Butterfly Run

The 20th Annual 5K Paige’s Butterfly Run on June 4th was another huge success. More than 1,600 participants finished the 5K race in downtown Syracuse. A total of almost 6000 walkers, runners, volunteers and families participated, and they are anticipating that over $200,000 will be added to the over $2 million it has already raised to support pediatric cancer care and pediatric cancer research at Upstate Golisano Children’s Hospital.

If you aren’t a runner but would still love to help Paige’s Butterfly Run support pediatric cancer, you might want to come to the Clams for a Cure Clambake on July 30th at the Spinning Wheel Restaurant in North Syracuse. For more information visit

Paige's Butterfly Run, 2016

New Arrivals

Congratulations to Karen White (finally!) on the arrival of Philippa Maelys White. Philippa arrived on June 14th weighing in at 7 lb; 2 oz. Mom, dad, and baby are all doing great!

Welcome Philippa Maelys White

Congratulations, too, to former resident Sarah Finocchiaro and John McGraw on the birth of Nora Elizabeth McGraw at 7 lbs, 14 oz, born on 6/24 at 9:45. Mom, dad, and the whole family are celebrating Nora's arrival.

Welcome, Nora Elizabeth McGraw

Globe Trotting with Dr. D

Since there has been so much interest in the latest global adventures of Dr. Domachowske, we thought we would share a little of what and where he will be up to in July:

"As we work on the logistics to formalize the opportunities for different global health educational electives, I will be in Ecuador on or about July 15th-29th.

I'll be working to bring together an international clinical research organization and the clinical research teams in Guayaquil and Manchala. This effort is related to the WHO push to gain prospective data on Zika- especially during pregnancy. There is already an experimental monoclonal antibody that might be tested as a preventative measure during pregnancy. Obviously, the sooner that gets going, the better.

I plan to spend a week or so further north in the areas most affected by the April 16th magnitude 8 earthquake. Much of the initial first-responder help has left, but the relief clinics are still packed. They are bringing in waves of physicians to help the local teams keep things moving as they rebuild their clinics and hospitals..."

Stay tuned for updates and possible opportunities for participation.

Refugee Health Conference

Our Department was well represented at the 2016 North American Refugee Health Conference. Dr. Kendall Luyt tells the Crier, "This year the North American Refugee Health Conference took us to Niagara Falls! Sue Mahar and I attended the annual conference and presented a poster to bring about awareness about a few pediatric cases from UPAC with Hyperreactive Malarial Splenomegaly Syndrome. The turn out was impressive and it was a refreshing reminder that serving this unique segment of our society is extremely rewarding despite the many barriers. Thank you to Dr. Olson for introducing me to this wonderful organization and for the opportunity to connect with like-minded and passionate individuals." Congratulations, Kendall and Sue!

Sue Mahar and Kendall Luyt by their Poster

In the News:

One of our faculty let us know that they heard our former resident and ID fellow Nick Bennett on NPR’s Fresh Air.

Using that as an excuse to get in touch. The Crier contacted Nick who replied, "I'm fairly routinely on TV or radio these days. Got a recent airing about Zika virus, but the NPR piece was started when the show host reached out to me on Twitter!"

Dr. Bennett covering serious health issues on TV

Nick not only sent a picture of a recent TV appearance but also a picture of his family. Nick wrote, "Life is good here, work is busy but everyone's happy. It's amazing that Liam just finished second grade, and he was born at Crouse midway through my PL3 year!"

The Bennett Family

7/6 Robin Jodoin
7/9 Liz Quigley
7/13 Ripal Patel
7/14 Karen Teelin
7/20 Robyn Borzuk, Jana Shaw
7/23 Chris Kuehnle
7/29 Kendall Luyt

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