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Volume 18, No. 9, September, 2015

Welcome, Kathryn Scott, M.D.

The Department of Pediatrics warmly welcomes Dr. Katy Scott back to Upstate as our newest Heme/Onc and outpatient faculty member. Katy tells the Crier:

"I grew up in Manlius, New York. I went to New York City for college but returned to Syracuse for medical school at Upstate where I met my husband, Tom. After med school, we both trained in Pediatric Residency at Brown University in Providence, RI and I stayed there for a Pediatric Hematology Oncology Fellowship and a Master of Public Health. This past year Tom and I decided to return to Syracuse and settle down as most of our family is in this area and we love Upstate New York. We have 2 daughters, Amelia (3 and a half years old) and Anna (2 years old) and are excited to welcome our third daughter in November of this year. We are thrilled to have returned home and are looking forward to beginning this new adventure with all of you."

And we are thrilled to have you on the team!

Dr. Julia McMillan Is Retiring

Dr. Julia McMillan, former resident, fellow, Peds ID attending and residency director here at Upstate will be retiring from her position at Johns Hopkins on January 1, 2016. The Crier was able to get an exclusive interview with Dr. McMillan:

"To all my friends at Upstate: It's been 25 1/2 years since I left Upstate, but my memories of the 16 years I spent there as a medical student, resident, fellow, and faculty member are vivid. Len Weiner's lecture to our medical student group about antibiotics was only the first kernel of the knowledge and experience I gained from working with him; the wisdom Howard Weinberger imparted during continuity clinic has lingered all these years later; Richie Cantor, Irene Sills and Bob Kanter were my resident classmates and shared long nights in the 4-bed ICU at the end of the hall; Larry Consenstein, Celeste Madden and Ellen Bifano were our interns, but they taught us as much as we taught them; John Andrake and Ann Botash were the last chief residents during my time as a faculty member. I remember interviewing Patty Mondore and being convinced that her experience as a choir director was perfect preparation for the residency coordinator position. In 4 months I'll be retiring from my position at Johns Hopkins. It's a good time to say thank you for the friendship, the mentoring, the wonderful experiences, and the foundation in pediatrics and pediatric infectious diseases that I have relied on throughout my career. I couldn't possibly have understood 40 years ago, when my then new husband dragged me from the warmth of North Carolina to the cold winters of Syracuse, what a great gift he was giving me."

Class photo, 1985-1986. Dr. McMillan was Program Director at that time.
(See who else you might recognize from that year)

Another Annual Sim Success!

Dr. Thabet
On August 13th, all the pediatric residents gathered for a procedural heavy day in the EMSTAT sim lab. The residents practiced a multitude of suturing techniques of various difficulties. In addition to practicing their suturing, the residents moved on to a trauma simulation on a teenager. The sim highlighted the importance of the primary and secondary evaluation when a trauma presents to the ED. The residents were able to practice intubation, pelvic binder stabilization, and reviewed positive FAST results. In addition, the residents also participated in a status epilepticus infant simulation where they were able to again intubate and provide medications to stop seizures. Residents also discussed the various forms of shock and learned about the importance of circulation and fluid resuscitation. Other procedures practiced included: IV access with and without ultrasound guidance, IO access in various size tibias, and lumbar puncture practice in newborns. After all this hands on work, the residents rested their arms by practicing various forearm and hand splints (get the pun?). Overall, the residents were happy and learned a ton. The pediatric emergency medicine staff set this sim day up and PEM attendings provided breakfast, fruits, and drinks for the residents.

The 3rd Annual Pediatric SIM Day

The Advocacy Bus

Dr. Nelsen
The interns along with Drs. Hobart, Berry, Blatt, and Nelsen rode the yellow school bus around the city of Syracuse. They were given a better perspective on where our patients go to school and live. We drove by all 5 high schools and a fair number of the elementary and middle schools. When driving through the North Side, Dr. Blatt supplied the riders with a special treat from Biscotti's. Sadly, we did not see anyone smoking crack this year. That is on the deluxe tour. Overall the residents enjoyed it and were happy to have this unique experience.

The Intern Advocacy Bus Tour

Pediatric Housestaff, 2015-2016

Speaking of class photos, the residents had their annual class photo taken in the Kinney Center in August. Note that all of the class photos back to the 1960s are in a bound volume in the chiefs’ office, now including this one.

Class Photo, 2015-2016

The GCH's Riot of Color

Upstate Online did a beautiful story on the new garden at the Children’s Hospital that was provided by Carol Watson Greenhouse in LaFayette. The garden has been strategically planted so there will always be vegetables, plants or flowers in bloom. You can read the story on Upstate Online.

The GCH's new garden

Carol Watson graciously shared a little more of the story with the Crier:

"The children’s garden evolved from our involvement redoing the original landscape at the hospital. When I first met with Margaret Nellis and Sarah Irish we were in total agreement, the plantings needed to be colorful, cheerful, and whimsical . We started with the circle around the horse, with a grass called Little Bunny and colorful black eyed susans. I also planted a butterfly garden near the front entrance and almost immediately received calls saying 'we saw butterflies on the plants!' I believe plants teach us so much about observing and enjoying nature. The children's garden was planned as an interactive space near the patio, and I used annual flowers for a riot of color all season. As for placement of the flowers that was left up to the children and staff To add another element to the children’s experience we planted a variety of vegetables in the garden and in containers on the patio. The monthly activity I do with the children has allowed us to spend time in and around the garden. We have made stepping stones, wind spinners, dragonflies, that have been placed in the garden. On days because of weather we have to be inside we can experience the garden from above."

Thanks, Carol! By the way, it's not too late to go check out what’s in bloom!

The GCH's Sweet Sleep Suite

Sarah Irish
Thanks to funds provided by Dr. Welch, the GCH's Family Sleep Room Suite has undergone a major transformation which includes new furniture, a new custom closet for families to store items as they check out each day, new carpet, and a new laundry station. The space now includes a table and 4 chairs for a family to sit and have coffee, separate seating for relaxation, storage bins for each sleep room, and a place for coats and hats. Chairs are made of Crypton which is impervious to fluids and staining with simple water clean and flip out seating to clean crumbs. Kristie Baird of Baird Interior Decorating did the interior design. Mike Stainstreet of Easy Street Homes did the custom shelves and wire baskets. Oneida Highschool supported purchase of the custom dining table.

The GCH's newly renovated family sleep room

All of this is a welcome reprieve for families, mostly the PICU families and Menonite and Amish tend to gravitate to this space as it has the size to support more visitors.

Pediatric Star of the Month

Lisa Blystone
The Pediatric Star of the Month is Barb Delaney for her dedicated work to help schedule in all of the candidates that had visits in the last couple of weeks. Barb did an amazing job, under difficult circumstances to make sure everyone was where they needed to be. Special thanks also go to her crew of helpers including Chris Kuehnle, Regina McConnell, Patty Mondore and Carol Plumley who all nominated her for this award. Barb - you are entitled to a prize from the Stars prize cupboard in 5804.

9/1 Lisa Blystone,
9/4 Marie-Jose Moubarak
9/7 Megan Pinnamaneni
9/10 Wendy Holz, Wajiha Maan
9/11 Brad Olson
9/28 Barb Delaney

Last Scenes of Summer

Thanks to Karen Teelin (along with Owen and Nora) for this month's beautiful photo and parting summer moment!

Paddle boarding with Owen and Nora

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