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Volume 18, No. 11, November, 2015

Lifetime Contributions

Congratulations to our very own Dr. Leonard Weiner who was the recipient of the 2015 AAP Award for Lifetime Contribution in Infectious Diseases Education. The award recognizes an AAP Member who has made outstanding contributions to education in Pediatric Infectious Diseases. As the AAP explains, “A longtime mentor, Dr. Weiner is engaged in teaching and administration and directs research programs”. This is a very special honor and we are all proud of him!

The 2015 Pediatric PEA Awards

The 2nd Annual Patient Experience Awards were held on October 7th in the Kinney Center. Once again, a number of GCH “bests”, as nominated by peers, staff, faculty, nursing, and residents, were honored at a special ceremony. Winners were as follows:

Best Listener:
- Outpatient- Sue Sheffield
- Inpatient- Jane Dasher

Most Enthusiastic:
- Outpatient- Rebecca Wisnowski
- Inpatient- JP Fried

Most Attentive:
- Outpatient- John Breault
- Inpatient- Julie Stokes

Best Communicator:
- Outpatient- Vicki Keeler
- Inpatient – Annette Borchert

Best Team Player:
- Outpatient- Rachael Gural
- Inpatient- Shameka Blyden Mayo

Best Attitude:
- Outpatient- Andrea Porter
- Inpatient- Tyler Smart

Dedication to Safety and Quality:
- Outpatient- Brian Hyde
- Inpatient- Leilani Beardsley

Rockin’ Resident:
- Christopher Delaney

The PEA MVP Award

The MVP award was designed to honor the outpatient and inpatient pediatric staff members who ARE the Pediatric Patient Experience. They are caring, empathetic, compassionate, a team player, they go above and beyond for their patients, families, and co-workers and they embody the values of Upstate.

MVP Awards:
- Outpatient- Jacqueline Haley
- Inpatient- Beth Corrice

The MVPs and our Rocking Resident receiving their PEA awards

Welcome Melanie Dunham, NP

The GCH and the Department of Pediatrics are pleased to welcome our new inpatient nurse practitioner, Melanie Dunham. Melanie is the new NP on the Red Team. She shared the following with the Crier:
"This is me and my three children (Matilda 7yo, Fiona 5yo, and Hugh 3yo), my husband and I stay very busy taking care of this crew. We like to be outside hiking, skiing, boating and exploring. It is exciting to return to pediatric acute care services after 11 years of primary care with Indian Health Services in Arizona and at the Syracuse Community Health Center."

New NP
The GCH Welcomes our new NP, Melanie Dunham

Well Represented at NASPGHAN

Joyce Saliba
The GCH had a strong presence at the 2015 NASPGHAN annual meeting, held in Washington DC. Three of our pediatric residents (Helena Gutierrez, Iman Naimi and Joyce Saliba) were selected to present their posters. The conference discussed a comprehensive overview of novelties in pediatric hepatology, nutrition, intestinal inflammation and motility disorders. The residents also enjoyed the sites and charms of the city and flaunted their dance moves at the Saturday social event! “Overall, it was an exceptional experience. We encourage our fellow residents, interested in a career in academics, to seek our ever so supportive GI attendings and work on publications.” -Helena, Iman and Joyce.

Familiar faces at NASPGHAN

CF Receives the CF Award

Congratulations to Dr. Chris Fortner, who is the new director of our CF Center, along with the rest of his team. He was informed that SUNY Upstate Medical University was selected to receive the CF Foundation's Outstanding Partnership Award! They were chosen because of “the excellent relationship the Care Center has with the CNY Chapter and the willingness that you've exhibited to work together to benefit all CF patients.” The awards were announced at NACFC (North American Cystic Fibrosis Conference) in Phoenix, and then presented during the Center Director's meeting on October 10th.

The GCH Has Been Adopted

The GCH received a letter from the students of the Word of Life Christian Academy letting us know that students from Grades 3-5 have adopted the GCH as the community organization they would like to support for the year. They started by having every one of the children send a thank you letter to the doctors and nurses. There were so many amazing letters that we hope to share several over the next few months (everyone needs a little encouragement now and then).

A thank you letter from Joshua

New Arrival – Welcome, Yara!

Congratulations to Marwan Al Aswad and Lina Hajar. They survived the storm in South Carolina but, even more, they have added a new member to their family on 9/3/15. Marwan writes, "Thank you for checking, we were stuck in our division for a couple of days because of flooding, but everything is back to normal. Actually there are 4 of us now, We had a baby girl Yara, who is 1 month old now, and everyone is doing well. Thanks again for checking. Hugs from Everyone"

Welcome Yara Al Aswad!

Volunteering in Lebanon

Former resident Diala Faddoul who is now working in a private peds practice in California, recently returned from Lebanon having fulfilled a dream of hers. She shared the following:

"It has been my dream for a long time to volunteer at a Syrian refugee clinic, but did not know how. One day I was seeing a Lebanese patient in LA. His mom told me that her sister worked in an underserved clinic in Beirut. I expressed my interest in knowing more about that clinic and she got me in touch with her. The medical director at the clinic was nice enough to schedule me as the pediatrician for one week during my 2 week visit to Lebanon this past July. There I met so many wonderful people and I heard their stories. This clinic offers free services to this population, gives out medications and does lab work at very low prices etc. They do home visits and there's a school in the area as well. THC thrives from donations.

When I was there, I met a girl who had Spina Bifida and a very severe chronic foot infection. I tried to help as much as possible with my ID background, but what this girl really needed was money for surgery and long term IV antibiotics, which until now is not there. She's the girl on crutches in my website.

Scenes from the Tahaddi Clinic in Lebanon

Below is a description of THC by Mrs Accad, the coordinator of the clinic: “The Tahaddi Community Health Center (THC) is a small primary care center located in the heart of Hay al Gharbeh, an economically marginalized informal settlement located on the outskirts of Beirut, Lebanon. The mission of this center is to be a welcoming place where families who face economic and social hardship can receive free medical and social care, as well as guidance in accessing the wider health system … THC currently has approximately 2500 active patients. THC equally serves all families living in the area regardless of their ethnic or religious background. The majority of families in the neighborhood are of Lebanese background although of late there has been a considerable influx of Syrian refugees who have moved to the area in search of affordable housing.

I wanted to let you know about a fundraiser that I started for the Tahaddi Community Health Center. Every penny counts, so contribution in any amount will help. Please access my fundraiser through this link and please share it with your friends and loved ones.

Thanks a lot and please keep in touch! Love, Diala"

UPAC Sprinkle

On October 30th, UPAC had a baby sprinkle for Katy Scott. Hopefully, by the December issue, we will have the details on Baby Scott's arrival.

Katy cutting the Sprinkle Cake at UPAC

Peds' Famous Artist's Local Display

Our very own Dr. Robert Kanter held a reception at the Onondaga Free Library on 10/21 which kicked off a month-long show open to the public. The library show features several of his portraits. He also used the reception as an opportunity to spread the word and gain support for the Poverello Clinic at the Church of the Assumption.

Interview Season Begins

Interview Season starts on November 3rd and will continue on most Tuesdays and Fridays through January 8th. You will note larger groups coming through this year as the residency program directors have decided to use the MMI (multiple mini interview) interview format. This will allow us to interview two groups of five people at a time. Half the group will tour the GCH while the other half are interviewed then the two groups will switch. At the end of their interviews they will have lunch with the residents. We hope to interview about 130 people for our 13 spots. So far, the applicants on our interview list look outstanding including about 20 of our own Upstate students. We are looking forward to another great year.

Snowflake Central Volunteers

The child life team is looking for volunteers again this year to help out with the GCH Snowflake Central store. Maggie Zick wrote, "The donation calls start before Halloween and donations start to come in right after Thanksgiving! I'm hoping that you'll join with the child life team to make this wonderful event happen. We need volunteers to help us accept and sort donations throughout the month of December as well as volunteers to help us staff our store."

Job descriptions:
Snowflake Storage - help process, sort and organize toy donations
Snowflake Store - help families pick out gifts for their child/family.

Email Maggie for dates and times at if interested.

Pediatric Star of the Month

Lisa Blystone
The Pediatric Star of the Month goes to Chris Kuehnle. She was nominated by Jana Shaw "because she saved me at the very last minute. I was to give a resident lecture and as I walked to the Kinney center, I realized that there is no board to draw on. Chris found a large paper pad and within few minutes dropped it off. I was able to start the lecture on time and residents got their learning augmented by my scribbles :-)." Chris you are a true star. You can pick up your prize any time from Lisa Blystone.

Pumpkin Contest Winners

Speaking of Child Life, we are proud to announce the winners of the GCH's 5th Annual Pumpkin Contest. The competition was stiff, but the two prizes go to the following:

Group: Grand Prize - Follow the Yellow Brick Road submitted by the Pediatric Cancer Center Clinic

1st Runner Up - The Wizard of Oz by 11E Pediatric Surgery

2nd Runner Up - Cinderella Visits Golisano by the Transfer Center

Individual: 1st Prize - Priscilla Peacock by Robin and Cheryl of the Upstate Foundation

2nd Prize Dori and Nemo by Nicole Saya of 12E

3rd Prize Red Angry Bird by Asia Bowie of 11G

The 2015 GCH Pumpkin Contest Winners

We end this October issue of the Crier with an end-of-the-month photo of our child life team.

Child Life on October 30th


11/1 - Irene Cherrick
11/8 - Joe Domachowske, Manika Suryadevara
11/9 - Regina McConnell
11/10 - Beth Krieger
11/15 - Jay Peacock
11/20 - Mirza Beg

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