Pediatric Clerkship Objectives

Patient Care

  • Elicit an accurate history and perform an age-appropriate, complaint-specific physical exam on pediatric patients, using an organized, respectful approach, and minimizing patient discomfort
  • Construct a comprehensive problem list and differential diagnosis for common clinical conditions in pediatric patients
  • Develop prioritized, patient-centered intervention and management plans for common pediatric diseases and presentations using current scientific and epidemiologic knowledge
  • Interpret clinical, laboratory, radiologic and pathologic data, recognizing variations with age

Medical Knowledge

  • Recognize normal and abnormal physical findings and developmental milestones for infants, children and adolescents, and demonstrate knowledge of the underlying scientific principles and mechanisms
  • Identify the mechanisms of disease for common pediatric conditions and their corresponding effects on growth and development of a child

Interpersonal and communication skills

  • Communicate effectively with pediatric patients and their families, practicing shared decision-making and behavioral change techniques, and recognizing the importance of family dynamics on the overall healthcare of the patient
  • Provide timely, clear, and accurate written and oral information about pediatric patients to other healthcare professionals


  • Demonstrate ethical and professional behaviors and choices as a member of the healthcare team on the inpatient service and at ambulatory sites
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the obligations of the profession to the community and society

Practice-based learning and improvement

  • Engage in reflective practice as an intentional learner through acceptance and incorporation of feedback and commitment to personal improvement goals
  • Identify gaps in knowledge and utilize resources and technologies to improve knowledge and skills

Systems-based practice

  • Identify systems and methodology to ensure patient safety and quality improvement in health care delivery