Interactive Conference Series

Our live conference series runs for all three years of residency, and is divided into approximately one-month blocks by subject area (ie pulmonary, PICU, infectious disease, out-patient medicine, etc). This series takes an innovative approach to teaching in three important ways:

  • Our conferences are nearly always case-based rather than purely didactic lectures. We think that the potential for our faculty to teach is maximized by going through cases that illustrate specific teaching points within their areas of expertise. It also makes the conferences more interesting, interactive, and enjoyable.
  • We have fully integrated the conference series with our online lecture series which provides brief, targeted didactic lectures that are accessible at any time and come with PowerPoint slides, related reading material, and quizzes. Our case-based conference series expands on these online lectures, and is meant to provide a context within which to learn the material more thoroughly and meaningfully. For example, during the pulmonary lecture series, there may be a lecture about asthma. Because the lecture series is posted in advance, our residents watch the online lecture about asthma and review the provided literature before the case conference. Then, during the live session, cases are presented by faculty which emphasize specific learning objectives and demonstrate how the didactic lecture information is integrated into patient care.
  • Resident conferences are held during a block of protected time on Thursday mornings from 8 AM to noon.