Academic Credit

Up to 36 credits may be earned at the RMED site. Academic credit is earned for the RMED experience just as if the student were completing the same rotations at the home campus. Specific course work offered varies somewhat from site to site but in all cases consists of both required and elective courses.

Clerkships: Three Clerkships are embedded in RMED: Family Medicine, Surgery and Emergency Medicine. Binghamton students will have already completed 3 credits of Family Medicine before starting RMED, otherwise the same objectives, educational resources, learning activities and evaluations are used in RMED as in the course at the home campuses (Syracuse or Binghamton).

Electives: Family Medicine elective credit is earned for all non-clerkship work although students may seek to complete electives other than Family Medicine through the RMED program. A maximum of 4 elective credits may be earned in this manner and approval must be received in advance from the appropriate academic department(s) at the home campus.

An additional 2 credits or Radiology (RADL 7201) elective is recommended.

Credit granted for a rotation will appear on the student's academic transcript in the same manner as for students earning the credit at Upstate Medical University.

Credit granted for a rotation will appear on a student's academic transcript in the same manner as for students completing courses at on-campus locations.


Student performance is carefully and continuously evaluated. Feedback to the student is provided on a regular basis to assure that maximum benefit is gained from the experience. Specific components of the RMED evaluation process include:

  1. A 90-day conditional period. The student is carefully observed during the first 3 months of the experience. If performance during this time is not acceptable, s/he may be removed from the program and asked to resume studies at Upstate Medical University. Academic credit is not granted for performance that is deemed unacceptable.
  2. Feedback from Preceptors. The student's clinical performance is evaluated at a predetermined mid-course dateand the end of the course as at the home campuses.
  3. Faculty Visits. Periodic scheduled visits by Upstate faculty serve to monitor student performance through case presentations and evaluation of write-ups.
  4. Knowledge, or shelf, examinations at the discretion of participating departments.


The student is graded separately by each academic department offering credit through the program. All grading is based on the standard Upstate Medical University system (Honors, High Pass, Pass, Conditional, Incomplete, Fail). Credits earned on the RMED program appear on the student's academic transcript just as that of students completing courses at Upstate Medical University. Separate grades are determined for Family Medicine credit earned in the third and fourth years. The number of credits earned each year is determined by the number of weeks on the program in the respective years.

Credit Granted a Typical Student:

Course RMED Syracuse RMED Prime Syracuse RMED Binghamton RMED Prime Binghamton
Surgery Clerkship 8 8 8 8
Family Medicine Clerkship 5 5 2 2
Emergency Medicine Clerkship 2 2 2 2
FAMP1650 19 4 22 7
RADL7201 2 0 2 0
Total 36 19 36 19