Rural Medical Scholars Program

James Greenwald MD

James L. Greenwald, MD
Director, Rural Medical Scholars Program

Welcome to the Rural Medical Scholars Program (RMSP). SUNY Upstate Medical University is dedicated to providing an excellent workforce for our region. This program is designed to recruit and provide specialized training to individuals who are interested in serving as physicians in a rural community or smaller city.

The Rural Medical Scholars Program has several facets including:

  • Applicants are encouraged to apply to the program prior to admission. 
  • Special admissions options with guaranteed admission or early admission, most of which require students to enter the Rural Medical Scholars Program. To learn more, see Special Admissions Options, College of Medicine.
  • Support provided for Rural Medical Scholars in their preclinical years. Rural Medical Scholars join special advisory groups and work together in the Practice of Medicine course.
  • Early clinical experiences and work-study experiences. Federal Work Study funding can be used to complete projects at affiliated rural sites. To learn more, see Federal Work-Study Program, Current Students.
  • Preclinical electives such as Introduction to Rural Health (FAMP1646)
  • Clinical courses such as the Rural Medical Education (RMED) program.
  • Clinical elective Family Medicine Preceptorship FAMP1615

Our students work in the Finger Lakes, Catskills, Adirondacks, and many other beautiful and exciting towns around the Empire State. They learn in a community which welcomes them and provides an unparalleled opportunity to learn both the science of medicine and the art of the doctor patient relationship.

Come and see why we are excited about the unique opportunities that are open to students at the SUNY Upstate Medical University College of Medicine.

If you have more questions about the RMSP, you can contact our office at 475 Irving Avenue, Suite 200, Syracuse NY 13210 or by phone at 315 464-6992, or by email at rmed@upstate.edu. If you have more questions about the RMED program, please contact Carrie Roseamelia by phone at 315 464-6987 or email at roseamec@upstate.edu.