FAMP1605 Drug and Alcohol Abuse/Management of Chronic Pain


Ronald J. Dougherty, MD (476-5103) and additional consultant staff, Pelion Pain Clinic, 500 S. Salina Street, Suite 218, Syracuse, NY 13202
Contact Person
To be added or dropped through Family Medicine Office, (464-6992) 475 Irving Avenue, Suite 204, Syracuse, NY 13210
Satisfactory completion of the first and second years of medical school
Maximum Number of Students
Periods Offered
1-12 (depending on availability of instructor)
Weekly Activities
Lectures, seminars and conferences. Inpatient contacts during consultations. Outpatient contacts at Pelion Pain Clinic.
Elective Description
It is expected that students will have a firm grasp of the true meaning of psycho-pharmaco-pathology by the end of the elective. Students will become acquainted on a first-hand clinical basis with drugs of abuse, their diagnosis as well as treatment, detoxification and rehabilitation. The student will also be exposed to methods for treating chronic pain other than with narcotics. These modalities may include nerve blocks, acupuncture, transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, biofeedback, and relaxation techniques. Consultations with the community at other sites where the instructor is involved.
Textbooks not required. Reading list assigned and available.
Criteria for Evaluation of Performance
Patient work-ups, suggested mode of treatment and follow-up, research papers (possibly), seminar, and conference presentations.
Is Performance Discussed With Student?
Yes, during the course.
Please contact Dr. Dougherty one week before your rotation begins.