Undergraduate Electives

The Department of Family Medicine has the following 12 electives available
  • FAMP1605 Drug and Alcohol Abuse/Management of Chronic Pain
  • FAMP1612 Residency-Based Family Medicine—St. Joseph's Hospital Health Center
  • FAMP1615 Urban/Suburban Family Medicine Preceptorship
  • FAMP1616 Rural Family Medicine Preceptorship
  • FAMP1618 Primary Care/Special Settings
  • FAMP1625 Residency-Based FamilyMedicine—Selected Sites
  • FAMP1632 Family Medicine Continuity of Care Preceptorship
  • FAMP1635 Integrative Medicine
  • FAMP1636 Occupational Medicine
  • FAMP1638 Applied Evidence Based Medicine
  • FAMP1639 Sports Medicine/Empire State Games
  • FAMP1642 Examining Issues/Primary Care(Literature & Medicine)
  • FAMP1643 Medical Humanities: A Primary Care Perspective