Department of Family Medicine

John Epling, MD, MSED, FAAFP
John Epling, MD, MSED, FAAFP
Chair, Department of
Family Medicine

Upstate's Department of Family Medicine is a group of professionals committed to the principles of family medicine and primary care. We honor those principles in our diverse, patient-centered clinical practices, through teaching a wide-range of learners and through answering the important questions in our discipline through structured inquiry and strong research.

Family Medicine Clinical Services

Family Medicine
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Family Medicine Medical Services

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New York State Area Health Education Center System (NYSAHEC)

Area Health Education Centers (AHEC's) are non-profit agencies dedicated to healthcare workforce development. The New York State AHEC System is a health care workforce development initiative with effective strategies to cultivate a workforce that more closely matches the diversity of the state’s population and assure that each community has enough practitioners in the right categories (especially primary care).  New York State AHEC System strategies keep skills and talents in the state, contributing to the health of the economy while improving the health and well-being of all New Yorkers. Strategies involve connecting individuals and communities to the right opportunities and resources. Because each area is unique, regional AHECs collaborate closely with communities to address specific needs.

  • The Department of Family Medicine is home to the Central Region Office of the NYSAHEC System
  • Coordinates with two centers in the Central New York Region
    • See the Central New York AHEC for in-service and continuing education opportunities, as well as activities for K-12 students to learn about health careers
    • The Northern AHEC is active in a number of initiatives in the northern tier of NYS, and created to explore health careers

Division of Research and Academic Development

The Division of Research and Academic Development specializes in primary care-based research, health disparities and ethics, mental health, disabilities, clinical prevention and educational research.

Our community-based faculty—in Syracuse, and the rest of the Central New York Region—volunteer their time to help us teach and research family medicine and are the unsung heroes of our department. In each of these divisions, you will find caring, compassionate and highly skilled professionals devoted to our missions and exemplifying the best in academic family medicine.