Accounts Payable

Accounts Payable
Madison Towers
60 Presidential Plaza
Syracuse, NY 13202
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The Accounts Payable Department processes payments for all expenditures to be charged to state funds or research foundation projects, tasks and awards. The Travel section issues advances and processes reimbursements from state funds and research projects, tasks and awards per appropriate guidelines.

Accounts Payable Staff Directory
Sandy Mascari Director, Accounts Payable
Accounts Payable (State Funds) Fax: 464-4981
Robin Higgins Supervisor 464-4983
Linda Schantz Hospital Standing Orders 464-4971
Caroline Fadian Unencumbered Payments 464-4973
Nancy Whitcomb Hospital Orders Over $1,500 464-4966
Mary Hinkson Hospital Orders Under $2,500 464-4974
Courtney Cook
Campus Purchase Orders 464-5480
Patti Wells Data Entry 464-4974
Margaret Clukey Data Entry 464-4975
Lynn Kociuba Hospital Purchase Orders 464-5481
Accounts Payable (Research Foundation Funds)
Annmarie Maroney Supervisor 464-4984
June Crozier Auditor 464-4969
State and Research Travel Fax: 464-4981
Annmarie Maroney Supervisor 464-4978
Lorraine Erwin Auditor 464-4977