Faculty Affairs

Faculty Affairs

Our faculty is the key to our success. Faculty educate the healthcare providers of the future. Our faculty provide care to the sick and suffering members of our community. And, our faculty perform research to better understand illness and intervene for wellness, both at the basic level of cells and molecules, and at the clinical level of diseases and patients.

These are difficult, demanding and frustrating jobs, which yield tremendous excitement, challenge and gratification. This site has important information to help you develop your career and your self, including information about:

  • Processes and Standards to achieve Promotion and Tenure
  • Leadership and Resources in the areas of Education, Research and Clinical Care

It also includes the various development opportunities available to help you grow as an individual and be a better educator, researcher and leader.

We are always adding new information, so please visit this website regularly. You can also view current and past issues of our bi-monthly e-newsletter, The Faculty Commons, which highlights the accomplishments of our colleagues.