Research Steering Committee


  • Gary Brooks, DrPH
  • Timothy Damron, MD
  • Fiouz Danesgari, MD
  • Timothy Endy, MD, MPH
  • Gerold Feuer, PhD
  • Melanie Kalman, PhD, CNS
  • Wendy Kates, PhD
  • Stewart Loh, PhD
  • Frank Middleton, PhD
  • Michael Miller, PhD
  • Nancy Nussmeier, MD
  • M. Saeed Sheikh, MD/PhD
  • MaryGrace VanNortwick
  • Michael Zuber, PhD
  • Jeremy Shefner, MD/PhD
  • Christopher Turner, PhD


This strategic plan was drafted by a dedicated strategic planning subcommittee, composed of members of the Research Steering Committee, as well as other faculty members who brought necessary expertise to the process. The draft report was then sent to the entire Research Steering committee for suggested revisions and the document was again reviewed by the Research Steering committee. This vetted version was then sent to Senior Vice President Steven Scheinman for review and comment. Dr. Scheinman then met with Dr. Steven Goodman and the Research Steering Committee to discuss his thoughts on the strategic plan. Based on this discussion final revisions were made leading to the document above.

 I want to thank all of the members of the Strategic Planning Subcommittee, the Research Steering Committee and Dr. Steven Scheinman for their dedication and perseverance to this project. Their efforts have led to this document, which will drive the research and graduate education missions of SUNY Upstate Medical University over the next ten years. It has been my honor and privilege to work with the faculty listed below on this strategic plan.

Dr. Steven R. Goodman
Vice President for Research
Dean, College of Graduate Studies