Team Archives

This section, organized by team, contains the following types of PDF documents which are the work of the Engaging Excellence teams, managers, and administrators from Phase II and III.


This document is the original team charter from Phase II of the Engaging Excellence Process. The Charter includes a message from the president, the team's charge, elements for consideration, outcomes, and each team's membership and leadership.

All Team Recommendations

Every recommendation provided by team has been collated into one comprehensive PDF file. This file access to the original team recommendations, expected benefits, and suggested measurable outcomes and resources necessary.

Executive Sponsor Response to Team Recommendations

The Executive Sponsor(s) worked with their management teams, staff, and other assigned team members to assess and respond to the original team recommendations. This document is a condensed version of executive sponsor responses to the team recommendations.

Executive Sponsor Report to Leadership Council

Executive Sponsor(s) presented to the Leadership Council, summarizing the recommendations for implementation and resources necessary.

President Smith Presentatio of Phases.