Tracking Hours

Making it Count: Why track hours

The Center for Civic Engagement requires that all students participating in service opportunities in our signature programs track the number of hours served.  There are several reasons for this, not the least of which is to meet course requirements.  However, recognition and accountability are also important.

On the practical side, we also need to collect information to share with our stakeholders and potential partners and financial backers.

How to track your hours

The Center for Civic Engagement encourages students to track the number of hours spent planning for, coordinating or serving in Signature Programs as well as other Center for Civic Engagement service activities. At this time, the Center for Civic Engagement is working to develop a system for tracking hours and other data, but until that system is developed, students should keep track of their hours on their own. Awards and recognitions will be based on the hours tracked by students, therefore, personal integrity and honesty are paramount when recording hours.

Track Your Community Service

Log on to the MyUpstate website, enter secure area, log in using your SUNY Upstate identification number (User ID) and your Personal Identification Number (PIN), click on Personal Information, then Community Service. Click on Add Entry to begin entering your community service hours.

Community service information may be entered at any time throughout the year, however annual entries should be completed by February of the following year for reporting purposes. The new site enables students to maintain a record of their community service, and Upstate to recognize their efforts.