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We all know from living and working in the Central New York region that the winter seasons are challenging. Our efforts in preparing for the winter ahead could potentially eliminate or lessen the severity of any emergencies that arise while at work, during travel time on the road, or at home where we should (remove all)have emergency plans in place in the event of any type of disaster.

Consider the following suggestions as winter season nears:

At work:

  • The procedures employed during severe weather alerts are defined in the Hospital Severe Weather policy (S-05) that is available on the University intranet
  • In the event of a travel advisory in the County and/or State of Emergency due to weather; staff that needs to report to the hospital may be required to carry their Upstate Identification Card on their person or in their vehicle to present to police in certain situations.
  • During an identified weather emergency such as a major snow storm, certain staff will be requested to remain on duty until further notice to ensure a safe level of care for patients.

Consider storing or having the following items in your car to assist during severe weather and/or if your vehicle breaks down:

  • Shovel
  • Blanket, extra hat and gloves
  • Snack Food (staples type)
  • Flashlight (with extra batteries)
  • Cell phone, portable charger
  • Windshield scraper/snow brush
  • Emergency flares for marking vehicle
  • Bright colored flag/ HELP sign (if stranded
  • Portable air compressor


  • Keep a sufficient amount of gas in your vehicle at all times based on the amount of mileage that you travel daily.
  • Check your spare tire periodically to ensure it is ready to be used if needed.
  • If applicable, have the phone number of the emergency response company you will call to assist you during a breakdown (AAA, Insurance carrier emergency response, other)
  • Keep the windshield washer reservoir in your car filled with fluid.
  • Create a “Go Bag” of items such as clothing, personal hygiene products, medications, other key items that you would need if stranded at work or if required to spend the night at a hotel due to weather related issues

Home Preparedness

  • Service snow removal equipment to ensure it is ready to operate when needed.
  • Have your chimney or flue inspected annually if using a fireplace or woodstove for heat.
  • Ensure you have at least one carbon monoxide detector on each level in your home. Test monthly and replace batteries at least twice a year.
  • Insulate water lines that run along outer walls. (your water is less likely to freeze)
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