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2013 Spring Newsletter

March 2013

Issue 1

Upstate University Hospital


University Hospital

Emergency Management's mission is to give hospital personnel the support system they need to continue exemplary care to our patients, even during a disaster situation.

A newsletter for University Hospital Staff from the Department of Emergency Management

Upstate University Hospital

In this issue:

  • Summer Training is coming

Summer Training

As the summer months rapidly approach the Department of Emergency Management is looking forward to the milder temperatures just as much as the rest of Central New York. The warm weather provides us the opportunity to more easily train staff in triage and decontamination. Currently we have many classes scheduled for members of our Clinical staff at both the Dowtown and Community Campus. During the classes staff will be trained to safely manage an influx of contaminated patients. Please Contact your manager if you are an interested Upstate Employee.

We have been busy over the winter months working on ways to enhance our program and emergency response at Upstate Hospital. One of our new items at the downtown campus is a triage cart to be used during a mass casualty incident (MCI). An MCI can be caused by events such as a traffic accident or a building fire. By locating all of the necessary items to begin our response during a mass casualty event into one area we improve our response. Inside the cart are those essential items needed to start the triage process. Training and notifications will be going out to various departments soon.

Upstate University Hospital Triage Cart