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2013 Winter Newsletter

December 2013

Issue 1

Upstate University Hospital


University Hospital

Emergency Management's mission is to give hospital personnel the support system they need to continue exemplary care to our patients, even during a disaster situation.

A newsletter for University Hospital Staff from the Department of Emergency Management

Upstate University Hospital

In this issue:

  • Winter Preparedness

Winter Preparedness

Winter is rapidly approaching with snow falling and temperatures dropping. Upstate snow

Our department has been diligently working toward improving Upstate's preparedness to some of our top hazards. Upstate recently conducted an influx of patients exercise. The scenario of the exercise was a large winter storm that precipitated a multi-vehicle accident on the local highway. Several staff from the emergency department along with our registration staff successfully managed the triage and disposition of simulated patients played by our own students from the University. In addition we included staff from our Information Management Department to test the functionality of our computer system to track the patients from the exercise. The exercise was an overwhelming success which we plan to build on with additional training and process improvements.

We would be remiss not to discuss a few recommendations for the winter months. Important supplies to have available before the storm include: flashlights, atleast one week supply of prescription medications, extra food preferably food that doesn't need to be refrigerated or cooked and extra blankets and pillows. It is also important to develop a communication plan in case family members become separated.

Sites such as
CDC Winter Tips External Icon
NYC Winter Tips External Icon
have excellent recommendations. Remember safety first when driving in winter conditions.