Tue, Feb 9, 2016

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Communication to hospital staff is key during a disaster event, specifically staff that are at home during and external incident such as a major snowstorm. Providing them with critical information on the event and on items such as travel advisories will assist the organization in addressing potential staffing issues.

In the event of an emergency, Upstate University Hospital staff is instructed to tune to the following media outlets to receive key information on the event as well as specific information concerning reporting to work at the hospital as well as the offsite clinics:




  • WRVO 90 FM Radio


  • Post-Standard
  • WSYR-570 AM Radio
  • WAER FM 88.3 Radio
  • WBBS - B104.7
  • Y94FM
  • WNTQ-93Q
  • CNYCentral (TV3 and TV5 combined)
  • 9WSYR-TV9
  • YNN (formerly News10Now)


  • WOUR Radio
  • WIBX AM Radio


  • WWNY-TV7

Communication and communication systems are critical to the success of any emergency management program and/or response plan. Historically, communication is often brought up as a success or failure during a live event or disaster exercise that involves an organization or community.

At Upstate University Hospital, multiple communication systems for emergency response staff and hospital departments have been implemented to ensure internal and external communication entities are in place for all types of response, even during failures of conventional systems. These systems include the following:

Emergency Responders

  • Satellite phones
  • 2-way radios
  • Cell phones
  • Ham radios
  • GETS (Government Emergency Telecommunications Service)
  • WPS (Wireless Priority Service)
  • Satellite TV/Cable TV in command center

Nursing Staff

  • Regular phones
  • Vocera (internal wireless communications)
  • Red phones (power-fail phone system on different switch) located in all patient care areas