Developmental Projects

Jay at Poster Session

These projects are in the very early development stage or in the early conceptual stages. If you would like to consider participating in one of these, please directly contact one of the people listed. Residents remember, if you want to use your participation as fulfillment of the scholarly research project, you must play a significant role in the project. Faculty is welcome in any project.

  • The value of a reduced-montage EEG in the detection of nonconvulsive status epilepticus, Jay Brenner
  • Factors Influencing EMT Simulation Training Effectiveness. Cooperative project with Cornell. Already IRB approved but no activity yet. W. Grant
  • HBO2: chart review of patients who had an oxygen toxicity seizure from 2005-2010. Will look at the protocol as an indicator of risk. Determine risk. Compare to a couple previous studies. Also compare with group from St. Joes where no seizures occurred. M Heyboer
  • Working with the dental residency on a survey of dentists/oral surgeons regarding use of HBO2 for ORN prevention. M Heyboer
  • Relationship of number of high heat index days prior to community runs and required medical interventions, a 10 year study. J Joslin, W. Grant
  • Impact of intubation device on out of hospital CPR interruption. J. Joslin, W. Grant
  • Comparison of untrained and trained individual's application of CPR. C Foote, M. Hamdani, J. Scott, P. Ko
  • Influence of ocular and hand dominance on intubation skill. W. Grant – TAKEN Dr. Hollywood
  • Incidence of Oxygen Toxicity Seizure in HBOT at 2 ATA versus 2.5 ATA. M. Heyboer
  • HBO for the Prevention of ORN - Survey of Routine Clinic Use by Radiation Oncologists. M. Heyboer
  • HBO for the Prevention of ORN - Survey of Routine Clinical Use by Dentistry and Oral Surgery. M. Heyboer
  • Evaluation of inclusion of gaming elements into simulation for MS3 and MS4 curriculum. N. Nacca
  • Do students with access to Sim Code software perform better on Mega Code? N Nacca, P Ko, A. Mahai
  • Survey of EM physicians regarding screening of adolescents for drug, alcohol and sexual activity. E Cameron
  • Relationship of blood glucose levels obtained by venous blood or fingerstick to laboratory values. N Gero
Research Highlight
Marvin Heyboer III, MD, FACEP

Marvin Heyboer III, MD, FACEP, FACCWS, UHM
Medical Director
Hyperbaric Medicine and
Wound Care Center

Vasculogenic Stem Cell Mobilization from Bone Marrow in Patients with Late Effect Radiation Injury Undergoing Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy: 2 ATA vs 2.5 ATA

Hyperoxic stimulation of Autologous Vasculogenic Stem Cell Mobilization (or stem/progenitor cells) from a patient’s bone marrow has been shown to play a pivotal role in resulting angiogenesis and wound healing. This study aims to quantitatively measure these vasculogenic stem cells released from the patient’s own bone marrow into the blood at 2 ATA versus 2.5 ATA in order to determine if there is any measurable benefit in hyperbaric oxygen treatment at 2.5 ATA over 2 ATA.