Upstate Online: New pediatric emergency department takes shape

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Upstate University Hospital is expected to open its new pediatric emergency department Aug. 9.

The $3 million expansion doubles the size of the current unit and relocates emergency care for children to the hospital’s fourth floor, making it separate from the adult emergency department.

“This isn’t just a little expansion,” said Pediatric Emergency Department Director Richard Cantor, MD.  “This is a brand new pediatric emergency department that quite frankly, and I know this from the other places, is the nicest one in New York state.”

“We are excited about moving our pediatric emergency care to a unit that will feature many special amenities especially for children and their families,” he said.

The new pediatric emergency department will feature 18 private exam rooms with a capacity to serve 24 patients.  The pediatric emergency department sees about 27,000 visits annually.

The renovated space also will have its own pediatric-friendly diagnostic radiology unit, meaning children do not have to leave the unit for such tests.

The space will be designed and furnished with kids in mind, with plenty of gaming systems for all ages.

Cantor acknowledged the support from the leadership of the hospital who has helped make the move possible.  “Everyone has been supportive of this move and the bottom line is that this approach to emergency care, with a separate location for children and families is the best approach.”

Also supporting the move is the Upstate Foundation, which expects to raise more than $1 million for the renovation.

“Once again, the community has been so generous in ensuring children and families have the best care right here in their own community,” said Julie Geller Simms of the Upstate Foundation. “We are so grateful for their generosity.”

Another benefit of the relocation of the pediatric emergency room is that it will allow the adult emergency department to expand. The 13 beds now reserved for children in the current pediatric emergency department will be available for adult patients.