Jun 16, 2015
Dr. Brian Kloss and Travis Bruce have a deal for a new book with Elsevier

Jun 16, 2015
Dr. Kloss is busy giving talks lately

Jun 16, 2015
Dr. Christopher Fullagar was interviewed by News Channel 9 about his work training the Camillus Fire Department EMTs on the use of Narcan.

May 14, 2015
Tuesday, May 19th, 11th floor Kinney Performance Center at Upstate Golisano Children's Hospital

May 7, 2015
Dr. Ross Sullivan, Director of the Medical Toxicology Service, is interviewed regarding the dangers of synthetic marijuana

Apr 8, 2015
In this seminar, Dr. William Paolo, Associate Professor in the Dept. of Emergency Medicine, presents the evidence in support of our teaching techniques, especially lectures. Dr. Paolo challenges our common assumptions about lectures, describes ways to improve lectures, and describes how memory and attention affect their efficacy. He notes that we have not achieved the goal of linking learning to patient-reported outcomes. Dr. Paolo also describes the importance of developing "new technologies for new learners, and provides an example, i.e.,"living textbooks" that include wikis, podcasts and blogs to support "free open-access medical education."

Mar 5, 2015
Dr. Johnson's letter to the editor corrected a misleading and factually incorrect piece in the Post Standard