Dr. Fullagar Recognized by Town of DeWitt Police Department

Dr. Christopher Fullagar has received a Special Recognition Award from the DeWitt Police Department for his work with their Naloxone Administration Program.

In March of 2015 the Town of DeWitt Police Department instituted its Naloxone Administration Program for its staff. Naloxone is a proven life saver for people at risk of immediate death from an opioid overdose, including heroin and/or prescription pain pills. The important factor in increased survivability in suspected opioid overdoses is the administration of Naloxone.

First, your willingness to be involved with our Department and be a point of contact was crucial to getting the program off the ground. You started by educating our command staff and police instructors about Naloxone. Next, you helped formulate and establish Department policies for the use of this life saving drug to combat the epidemic of heroin overdoses. Then for a week of your own time, you volunteered to be part of our Department's in-service training program by training all our staff on the proper way to administer Naloxone in the field. You have been an invaluable resource assisting our Department as we continue to seek better ways to serve our community. Your involvement, dedication, and training will most certainly lead to saving lives of those victims of opiate abuse that our officers encounter in the field.

We Commend You.

James C. Hildemann
Chief of Police

Special Recognition Award from DeWitt Police Dept for Dr. Fullagar