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Husband's seizure at restaurant summoned 'angels among us'

To the Editor:

There are angels among us. Good people. My husband, Rodney, and I were blessed with them on Saturday, Jan. 30, while having lunch at the Olive Garden in DeWitt. We were sitting in an alcove with six booths, halfway through our soup and salad, when my husband had a seizure. Needless to say it was scary. I went down on my knees beside him and within seconds five angels left their own lunches and were surrounding him. Three were nurses, the other two EMTs. Someone called 911 while they tended to Rodney. They knew what was happening. One customer behind me helped me up and one of the nurses came over to pray with me. When leaving, another customer wanted to give me a hug.

The manager, Mr. Welch, walked me out to the ambulance, giving me his card and asking me to keep him posted. The EMTs from EAVES were wonderful. I only know the driver Kevin's name but there were two other young men. They got us to Upstate and stayed until they got him into a bed.

Thank you everyone -- those angels, the customers around us, the manager, EAVES and the Upstate ER staff, especially the nurses and Mark Suchowiecki, PA. You were all professional and calming. Rodney is doing fine thanks to all of you. Our life has been blessed and touched by each one of you, and we are forever grateful.

Cindy and Rodney McCabe