Public Access Defibrillation (PAD) Program - A Safety Net at Upstate

Excerpt from newsletter:

You may have seen Automatic Defibrillators (AED’s) throughout both campuses – the lobby of downtown, and the hallway on the second floor by the parking garage elevators at the Community Campus for example. These defibrillators are part of the Hospital/Campus wide PAD program that was begun in 2004. If someone’s heart were to stop working correctly and go in to cardiac arrest, this safety net of defibrillators with bystander CPR could make it possible that a tragedy would be avoided almost half of the time.

Initially there were only 40-45 AED’s strategically placed on our campuses. Today, there are 96 AED’s deployed in the non-clinical areas. Geographically, the program oversees AED’s from Gouverneur to Binghamton, Baldwinsville to Manlius. 39 different buildings over 86 miles here in Onondaga County alone.

The American Heart Association reports from a 2015 study that the survival rate from cardiac arrest with bystander CPR is 46%. This is an improvement from a 1985 study reported in the American Journal of Emergency Medicine pointing out that the survival rate is 34% if CPR is begun by a bystander within 2 minutes compared to 29% if CPR is delayed by 5 minutes and 40 seconds. In other words CPR works if begun almost immediately combined with a defibrillator. Stan Goettel, the PAD program manager with 30 years of expertise in Emergency Medical Services, supports these findings anecdotally. He had one year where five of his cardiac arrest patients walked out of the hospital. In each and every case, CPR was begun immediately with a defibrillator used within 4 minutes.

Almost every building of the 39 in Onondaga County has at least 2 people trained in CPR. It would be great if we could get many more people trained in CPR and AED use on our campus and properties.

To become part of this safety net – and maybe part of a lifesaving team! - contact Stan to learn CPR. Classes are available or in some cases, he can come to your department/office. His office number is 464-6200, and email is