Thank you, Upstate University Hospital, for saving my leg

Dr. Timothy Runge writes to the Post-StandardExternal Link Icon:

"I soon thereafter hobbled in to the emergency room at Upstate and was subject to some of the most excellent medical care I have ever witnessed. The nursing staff and physicians there are dedicated to their craft, excellent in every way. Every employee I encountered went out of their way to help me in my time of need. I give special thanks to Dr. Blue, Dr. Cooney and Dr. Gahtan, to whom I credit the saving of my leg."

"So I say to you, my fellow Central New Yorkers, if your ankle is sprained or your throat is sore, by all means go to your local urgent care or family doctor. Should you have the misfortune to suffer some grievous, life- or limb-threatening injury or to develop some severe illness, give thanks that the dedicated, knowledgeable staff of Upstate is there to help you."