Event and Expedition Medical Coverage

doctors at the ironman event

Several members of the Department specialize in planning medical coverage for mass gatherings, events and expeditions. The Department believes that Event Medical Oversight is a specialized opportunity to ensure the safety and well-being of event participants, and that this oversight should be delivered by specialty-trained physicians with appropriate experience and expertise who take care to plan for all conceivable contingencies and medical likelihoods well in advance.

With that mission, the Department provides several local, national, and international venues with medical oversight and austere medical care, including endurance athletic events, other outdoor activities, and formal expeditions. Our Wilderness & Expedition Medicine Fellowship and EMS & Disaster Medicine Fellowship both provide training and experience to physicians interested in providing this specialized form of medical coverage.

ambulances at event
Derek R. Cooney, MD, NREMT-P, FACEP

Jeremy Joslin, MD, FAWM
Wilderness & Expedition
Medicine Fellowship,
CNY EMS Physician Response Team, MD-11
Event Medicine Services