Lectures and Training

Weekly Conferences/Lectures

Resident at work Residents are required to attend weekly academic conferences every Wednesday. Three hours a week are spent on the core curriculum. The reading conference assures that Hardwood-Nuss' text is read twice during the residency program and the readings mirror the core content lecture series. This planned redundancy allows for excellent coverage of core topics. Other conferences examine EM issues in depth for two hours each week. Interactive participation is highly encouraged to optimize the learning environment.

Lectures are provided by Departmental faculty in addition to residents and guest speakers.

Trauma Conference

The Trauma Conference is an interdisciplinary conference involving EM faculty, residents, and nurses, Trauma Surgery faculty and residents, as well as Pre-hospital Emergency Medical providers. In an open-forum/question and answer session, cases encountered in the ED are presented by residents and reviewed from field to disposition. Emphasis is placed on important learning points illustrated by the patient's injuries and/or management issues. The strong interactive and mutually supportive relationship between Upstate's Trauma Surgery Service and the Department of Emergency Medicine is strengthened by this conference.