EMS & Disaster Medicine Faculty

Program Director:

Derek R. Cooney, MD, NREMT-P, FACEP
Department of Emergency Medicine
EMSTAT Center, 550 East Genesee
Syracuse, New York 13202
315 464-4851

EMS & Disaster Medicine Fellowship Faculty:

Derek R. Cooney, MD, FF/NREMT-P, FACEP
Christopher J. Fullagar, MD, EMT-P, FACEP
Jeremy Joslin, MD, FAWM
Christian Knutsen, MD
David Landsberg, MD, FF/EMT-P, FCCP
Joseph Markham, MD, FACEP
Daniel Olsson, DO, FACOEP
N. Heramba Prasad, MD, FACEP
Naveen Seth, MD, MBA, EMT-B

Research & Education:

William D. Grant, Ed.D.
Susan M Wojcik, PhD, ATC
Douglas Sandbrook, MA, EMT-P
Jay M. Scott, BS, NREMT-P

Recent Fellows:

Charles Beaudette, MD 2013
Harry J. Wallus, DO, MPH 2012
Jermey Joslin, MD 2011
Naveen Seth, MD, MBA, EMT-B 2010
John Lyng, MD, NREMT-P 2009
Lani Secreti, MD 2005
Peter Cuenca, MD 2005
Christopher J. Fullagar, MD 2004

Derek R. Cooney, MD, NREMT-P, FACEP

Derek R. Cooney, MD, NREMT-P, FACEP
Fellowship Director
EMS & Disaster Medicine

EMS & Disaster Fellowship Stats
  • Fellowship Length: 1 year
  • Number of Positions: 1
  • Salary: PGY4 + benefits
  • No required ED shifts
  • Access to response car, books educational meetings/courses
  • Unique elective opportunities
  • Office and support staff
  • Advanced Degree: EMT certification may be obtained
  • Deadline for Applications: November 1st, however we will accept applications early and may fill our positions before the application deadline. We honor the NAEMSP November match agreement for final fellow selection.