Fellowship Programs

EMS and Disaster Medicine Fellowship


The EMS & Disaster Medicine Fellowship offers a wide range of clinical, research and administrative opportunities, including both ground and air medical transport training with a variety of EMS and Fire agencies. More Info >

Physican Assistant Fellowship in Emergency Medicine


Emergency Medicine is one of the most challenging and rewarding careers for physician assistants. EM is a highly desirable career choice but it is unfortunately very difficult to break into the field. More Info >

Medical Toxicology Fellowship


The Medical Toxicology Fellowship provides physicians training in all aspects of the clinical practice of medical toxicology. Fellows will be trained to develop expertise in the diagnosis and management of poisoned patients. More Info >

Pediatric Emergency Medicine Fellowship

physician treating young child

The goal of the Pediatric Emergency Medicine Fellowship is to train national leaders in the Subspecialty of Pediatric Emergency Medicine. The program is based at the Pediatric Emergency Department of Upstate University Hospital and within the Department of Emergency Medicine. The department has a long history of being a leader in pediatric care in the Upstate region both clinically and as a center for education and research. More Info >

Undersea and Hyperbaric Medicine Fellowship

hyperbaric medicine staff

The Undersea and Hyperbaric Medicine Fellowship is located in the only 24/7 hyperbaric medicine unit in Central New York. The fellow will be exposed to a variety of indications for hyperbaric oxygen treatment including experience in the management of critical care patients in a monoplace chamber. More Info >

Wilderness and Expedition Medicine Fellowship

base camp

The Wilderness and Expedition Medicine Fellowship, one of only a handful offered in the United States, offers emergency physicians specialized training to gain the education, independence and leadership required to deliver high-quality, situationally-appropriate medical care in the world's most austere environments. More Info >