Guidelines for Ordering Animals

Revised January 2004

ALL commercial vendors must be approved by the Department of Laboratory Animal Resources (DLAR) before ordering. Variations from this list must have prior approval before orders are placed. Arrangements for non-commercial source animals (ex. transgenic mice from another research institution) must be made directly through the DLAR office.

Animal orders need to be received by the Purchasing Department by noon time on Friday before the week of delivery.

When completing your purchase requisition, please include ALL information listed below. This will ensure that the Purchasing Department can process your request without delays.

  1. Vendor Name
  2. Species - i.e. rat, mouse, primate
  3. Strain - i.e. Sprague Dawley, BALB/C, Cynomolgus
  4. Quantity of Animals to be Delivered
  5. Sex of Animals to be Delivered
  6. Weight of Animals to be Delivered
  7. DOB or Age if available
  8. Date of Arrival
  9. Investigator Name
  10. Department Name
  11. CHUA Number

Preferred Commercial Sources

  • Rats: Taconic Farms, Harlan, Charles River, Simonsen
  • Mice: Jackson Labs, Taconic Farms, Harlan, NCI, Charles River
  • Frogs: NASCO, Charles Sullivan, XENOPUS I, XENOPUS Express
  • Guinea Pigs: Charles River
  • Chickens: Cornell
  • Hamsters: Charles River
  • Quail: Cornell
  • Rabbits: Harlan
  • Cats: Harlan, Liberty
  • Dogs: Marshal Farms, Butler Farms, Alder Ridge
  • Primates: Covance Research Products

Primate Orders

The vendor should make sure the primates have been isolated for 30 days prior to arrival, have three (3) negative TB tests at two week intervals between each test and have a health certificate. All Macaques must also be tested and found serologically negative for Herpes B virus and found serologically negative for filovirus in accordance with the New York State Department of Health requirements. Upon receipt, all Macaque species must undergo a 60 day quarantine period. Final arrangements for delivery will be coordinated by DLAR

Farm Animal Orders

Farm animals are ordered by DLAR only.

To order PIGS, complete the PIG PDF Icon order form and fax to the DLAR office.

To order SHEEP, please contact the DLAR office @ 464-6563.


Standing orders require each delivery date to be specified separately with the number of animals to be delivered.

ALL animal requests must be called into DLAR prior to the animals being ordered. Due to the necessary processing of animal orders, we request that we be notified of an order by 2:00 pm the day the order is placed. ALL ANIMAL ORDER MUST HAVE PRIOR APPROVAL BY DLAR TO MAKE SURE OF SPACE AVAILABILITY. DLAR will provide a room number for final delivery.

Taconic Farms, Charles River and Harlan make their deliveries on Tuesdays.

Arrangements should be made to have animals delivered Monday through Thursday.
DO NOT make arrangements for animals to be shipped for a Friday delivery.

Investigators must not contact vendors to PLACE an order. Animal orders must be placed through the Purchasing Department.


Arrangements for non-commercial source animals (ex. transgenic mice from another research institution) must be made directly through the DLAR office. However, a purchase order number will be needed for each shipment, including animals obtained at no cost, for tracking purposes. Contact DLAR for animal health documentation, additional quarantine requirements, and delivery arrangements.

Animals are to be delivered to: 117 Monroe Street, Syracuse, NY 13210

A copy of the requisition with the purchase order number should be FAXED or sent to DLAR before animals are received. It benefits both the Department of Laboratory Animal Resources and the Purchasing Department as numbers of animals or strains of animals can be verified and requisition numbers are available if problems arise.

Any changes to the animal order (i.e. weight range, strain, delivery date) should be verified by direct voice contact with the DLAR staff.

Any problems or questions concerning the purchase of animals should be directed to:

Department of Laboratory Animal Resources
Phone: 464-6563
Fax: 464-4295

For animals being used in survival surgery or chronic experiments, please review the following table as it pertains to your individual protocol and pass the information along to all individuals working in your lab. When ordering animals, please remember to calculate the acclimation/quarantine period to avoid any delay in your surgery or research schedule.

Acclimation/Quarantine Period
for Animals Used in Survival/Chronic Studies


Quarantine Period

(mice, rats, hamsters, guinea pigs gerbils)

1 Week from date of arrival

Rodents - Noncommercial sources

minimum 4-6 weeks - pending serological testing results

Dogs, Cats

2 weeks from date of arrival

Sheep, Goats, Pigs

2 weeks from date of arrival

Amphibians, Ferrets, Rabbits

2 weeks from date of arrival

Primates (New World)

7 weeks from date of arrival

Primates (Old World)

60 days from date of arrival