A Welcome Message from the Co-Chairs of Faculty and Staff Association for Diversity

Trymeter Carter
Trymeter C. Carter, RN
Environmental Health & Safety

Dear Fellow Employees,

We are pleased to provide you with this information about the Faculty and Staff Association for Diversity (FSAD) at Upstate Medical University.

Since we organized in 1997, the FSAD has been committed to the goal of recruiting underrepresented faculty and staff and retaining the ones we have.

We believe that it is important to offer ongoing support to the underrepresented faculty and staff who are employed here. We offer this support through sharing information, providing opportunities for professional development, and socializing together.

As an institution, we will be more attractive to a wider range of potential employees by showing that we are an inclusive place to work. We will be attractive to a greater number of students, residents and patients if they see people here with whom they feel comfortable. In short, fostering diversity makes good business sense.

We welcome you to the Upstate community, and invite you to join us at our monthly meetings, which take place on the 2nd Friday of each month from 12 – 1 pm, in the Campus Activities Building (CAB). Bring your lunch, and join us in making this a better place for all.