Practice of Medicine (POM)

The POM course is designed to help you successfully conduct a medical interview, physical exam, and provides an introduction to early clinical reasoning.  You will have lectures, outside class assignments, reading and writing assignments, as well as clinical experiences.  The majority of your practical application of what you are learning will happen in small groups with your clinical coaches and the clinical skills area working with standardized patients.  This course will offer clinical experiences, and help bring into focus the importance of your basic science training into the clinical arena.  You will also work to develop written and oral communication skills with patients and your colleagues.  Each of the components of the POM1 course build on and complement each other.  If you diligently work to master the activities in this course, you will lay a solid foundation for the rest of your professional career.

In a typical week, you will have a lecture on Friday morning, a small group and standardized patient experience on Tuesday afternoons and clinical experiences on Thursday mornings interspersed throughout the year.  You will also have outside class activities (modules, videos, readings) you work through on your own to help enhance your learning experience.  Occasionally, there are special sessions at different than our usual times (all scheduled well in advance), so you need to keep a close watch on your schedule.  To make it easy for you, the POM support team sends out a weekly “newsflash” by email to all students to help keep everyone on track.