2019 Site Vist Timeline (Version 9/6/17)

Upstate Medical University Accreditation for Liaison Committee on Medical Education Site Visit March 2019

Date Responsible Party Activity
January 2016 Dean Appoint an experienced faculty member as the faculty fellow:  Paul Ko, MD Associate Dean for Undergraduate Medical Education
December 2016 Dean Use the Survey Personnel Designation Form to appoint the Faculty Accreditation Lead (Dr. Ko) and Staff Visit Coordinator (Lisa Phelan)
January 2017 LCME Secretariat Staff & Dean Establish and confirm survey visit dates: March 24-27, 2019
March 2017 Dr. Ko, Lisa Phelan,
Lisa Neerukonda
Designate Independent Student Analysis Team to conduct the student survey and write the ISA (3-4 students per academic year with 2-3 student leads)
April 2017 Dr. Ko, Lisa Phelan,
Lisa Neerukonda
Attend April LCME Survey Prep Workshop
May 2017 Lisa Phelan Download the Data Collection Instrument (DCI) available on the LCME website
May 2017 Paul Ko, Lisa Phelan,
Lisa Neerukonda
Begin planning September Launch Party
  • Confirm date with LCME Secretariat
  • Save the date
  • Reserve location
May 2017 Lisa Neerukonda Development of website
May, 16 2017 Dean Open call to faculty & students to volunteer to work on LCME Working Groups
Announcement of Town Hall sent to faculty & students
May 2017 Lisa Phelan Contact Resident Advisor Committee to send out open call
June 2017 Dr. Ko Create Charges for Steering Committee & Working Groups
June 1, 2017 Dean

Appointment Letters to Steering Committee from the Dean: Working Group Co-Chairs

  • Standards 1 & 2 (Mission & Leadership)
  • Standards 3 & 5 (Learning Environment; Resources and Infrastructure)
  • Standard 4 (Faculty)
  • Standards 6 & 7 (Curricular Design & Curricular Content)
  • Standards 8 & 9 (Curricular Evaluation and Assessment)
  • Standards 10, 11, & 12 (Student Selection, Academic Support, & Student Services)
  • Communication Team
  • Independent Student Analysis Team
June 2017 Dean Appointment Letters to Working Group Members
July 2017 Lisa Neerukonda Launch website
July 18, 2017 Lisa & Lisa Meeting with Administrative Support Group
July 25, 2017 Curriculum Committee/LCME Steering Committee Retreat
August 8, 2017 Dean
Steering Committee
Meeting to Charge Steering Committee
  • Distribute DCI sections to the Steering Committee Chairs
  • Review Timeline
  • Advise Co-chairs to develop Committee meeting schedule (minimum monthly)
September 2017 ISA Task Force Review the questions in The Role of Students in the Review of Medical Education Programs for Full Accreditation Survey Visits & add questions relevant to the school
September 2017 Working Groups Initial Working Group meeting held this month
September 2017 - April 2018 Working Groups Working Groups to meet monthly meeting and review and analyze relevant sections of completed DCI and prepare report
October 24, 2017 Upstate Community LCME Launch Party with LCME Assistant Secretary Robert Hash, MD
October 24-25, 2017 Steering Committee/
Working Groups
Meetings with LCME Secretariat Robert Hash, MD
October 1-31, 2017 ISA Task Force Distribute survey to student body
Note: Because data from the student survey are needed for completion of the DCI, the survey should be open for a maximum of one month
November - December 2017 ISA Task Force Compile student survey data and send to Dr. Ko for incorporation into DCI
Begin analysis of data
February, 2018 ISA Task Force Provide final ISA report to Dr. Ko for distribution to appropriate Working Groups.
Steering Committee and Dr. Ko to address student concerns.
February - September 2018 Steering Committee
  • Provide updates on Working Group progress to the Steering Committee
  • Review and analyze subcommittee and ISA reports
  • Prepare the self­-study summary report
  • Implement changes to correct issues identified in self­-study process
May 1, 2018 Working Groups Working Groups return DCI, Summary Report and Documentation Roadmap to Steering Committee
June - December 2018 Steering Committee Steering Committee to review, edit, and finalize theDCI, Summary Report and Documentation Roadmap
September 2018 Dr. Ko & Lisa Neerukonda Plan Mock Site Visit and materials
October 2018 Dr. Ko & Lisa Neerukonda Conduct Mock Site Visit with faculty, staff and students (POTENTIAL)
November 2018 Dr. Ko and Dean
  • Receive Secure Electronic File Transfer (SEFT) account information and survey package submission instructions from LCME staff via email
  • Dr. Ko to confirm receipt to lcmesubmissions@aamc.org
November 2018 Dr. Ko and Dean Review survey team member roster from LCME staff and send e­mail to dwaechter@aamc.org if a potential conflict of interest is identified
December 2018 Lisa Neerukonda
  • Update DCI, DCI appendices, and self­-study summary report with current data
  • Review survey package for consistency and accuracy
  • E-mail lcmesubmissions@aamc.org to confirm SEFT contains final version of survey package
December 2018 Survey Team Secretary Upon receipt of DCI, contact Dr. Ko/Lisa Neerukonda to:
  • Request supplemental information (if needed)
  • Discuss travel and hotel
  • Coordinate visit logistics, including round-trip daily travel between hotel and school and travel between campus and other sites, as necessary
  • Request first draft of visit schedule based on the Visit Schedule Template
January 2019 Lisa Neerukonda Submit first set of bundled updates to survey team
January 2019 Dr. Ko & Lisa Neerukonda Conduct Mock Site Visit with faculty, staff and students
February 2019 Survey Team Secretary Request supplementary information from the Lisa Neerukonda and the Dr. Ko, as needed
February 2019 Lisa Neerukonda Submit second set of bundled updates to survey team
February 2019 Survey Team
Secretary and Survey Team
  • E-mail survey team the summary of initial findings; discuss with team, as needed
  • Finalize visit schedule with school
  • Optional: Telephone conference call with team
March 24-27, 2019 Site Visit
March 2019 Dr. Ko & Lisa Neerukonda At conclusion of the survey visit, compile all updates, including documents provided to the  team on site, and submit to the team members and LCME Secretariat
April 2019 Survey Team Secretary
  • Send draft survey report and team findings document to the team and then to the dean for review
  • Notify dean of process for requesting significant revisions
  • Request feedback from dean in 10 working days
  • Incorporate dean’s requested changes, as needed
  • Notify dean of the suggested revisions that were and were not incorporated into the report
  • Submit final survey report via the SEFT account
  • All communications TO the dean regarding changes to the report
  • All communications FROM the dean regarding changes to the report
June 4-5, 2019 19 voting members of the LCME LCME peer-review process of quality assurance that determines whether Upstate Medical University's education program meets the established standards.
July 2019 LCME Secretariat Within 30 days of LCME meeting, send president the accreditation letter containing accreditation action, term, and requested follow-up