The College of Medicine offers more than 200 electives: everything from classes taken on campus, to several weeks abroad working in a clinic. Students may take electives throughout the four years of medical school.

Here are just a few examples:

  • Unique Electives, are electives proposed by students who wish to do research in a specific field which will allow them more in depth exposure to that particular area of medicine.  The forms should be filled out six weeks prior to the date that research/elective is scheduled to begin.
  • Medical Spanish Electives, prepares medical students to communicate effectively with patients with limited English proficiency. 
  • The Miracle Elective, which pairs first year students with mothers-to-be for the pregnancy, delivery and the baby's first year.
  • Consortium for Culture and Medicine courses (CCM), which are offered in conjunction with Syracuse University and LeMoyne College. Courses cover topics such as bioethics; the economic and legal aspects of health care; literature and death; disability and identity, and much more.
  • Hospice VolunteeringPDF Icon, which includes intensive training and visits with patients in their homes. The goal is to enhance quality of life at the end of life by supporting patients and their families.
  • "Away Electives", which involves spending several weeks at other medical schools, at the Center for Disease Control or the National Institutes of Health, or seeing patients in medically underserved parts of the United States or in other countries. Some students take an away elective the summer after their first year at SUNY Upstate.
  • MSI/MSII ElectivesPDF Icon

All offered electives can be found in the course selection book: 

2018-2019 Course Selection BookPDF Icon