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Contact: Chinaza Egbuta, President, International Student Association
Email: egbutac@upstate.edu

President: Chinaza Egbuta
Vice President: Humei (Janet) Zheng
Secretary: Caezaan Keshvani
Treasurer: Kristen Landry
Public Relations: Jennifer Rahman

Welcome to the Upstate International Student Association!

Did you know that 5.6% of the students at SUNY Upstate Medical University are international? Are you one of them? Then welcome to our International Student Association (ISA)!

We are here for you to bring foreign and American students together to enhance cross-cultural awareness, to help you with your studies, and to enrich your life as a student of SUNY Upstate! We organize a variety of activities and social programs throughout the academic year, so join us and experience the joy of being a part of our multicultural community!

You are not alone here—you are with us!