Study Abroad: Academic Tips

Steps to Receiving Academic Credit for Study Abroad

  1. Request an acceptance letter on letterhead from the institution or organization where you are completing the elective. The dates of attendance should be noted on the letter.
  2. Once you have received the acceptance letter, complete:

    This form should be signed by:

    • Relevant Clinical Department Chair
      (e.g. Medicine, Peds, etc.)
    • Lynn Cleary, MD, Sr. Associate Dean for Education
      (Curriculum Office)

Please work with your faculty sponsor to complete the unique elective form.

Dr. Cleary will use the Unique Elective Form to determine the academic credit that should be associated with the unique elective.

Submit the completed, signed Add/Drop and Unique Elective Forms and acceptance letter to the Registrar's Office to be processed (Room 204, CAB)

Note: International students are eligible to apply for research positions, but not work study related summer opportunities.