Disability information is considered private. Faculty do not have the right to access students' diagnostic information without appropriate permission. Ordinarily, faculty members and other relevant staff need only know the accommodations that are necessary to provide an equal opportunity for students.

There are times, however, when certain faculty members and/or administrators may have a legitimate educational need to know about a student's functional limitations, as well. In such cases, the Coordinator of Disability Support Services may speak directly with those individuals to ensure appropriate planning and, if necessary, the well-being of patients, students, and staff. Students are also encouraged to speak with faculty as openly as possible to facilitate better understanding and support.

Faculty and/or staff to whom accommodation forms are presented should take care to keep the information private. The accommodation information conveyed on the forms should be communicated only to other faculty and/or staff who have an educational need to know (for instance, those who are involved in providing the accommodations, or those who are responsible for the educational environment).

If a faculty member or a student has any questions about specific accommodations, he/she may contact the Coordinator of Disability Support Services. All documentation and correspondence concerning a student's disability are kept in a separate file in the Student Success Center.