Scholarships and Grants

SUNY Upstate Medical University is pleased to offer a number of internal scholarships and grants to enrolled students. You will also find an up-to-date table of outside scholarship opportunities.

We encourage outside scholarship and grant applicants to start their search very focused and then broaden it strategically:

1.  Your hometown:  Check out local organizations such as Lions Clubs, Kiwanis Clubs, Homeowners' Associations, local grocery stores, parent(s)' place of employment.

2.  Your County:  Check county associations that are specific to your career path.  For example, Onondaga County Medical Society External Icon.

3.  Your State:  Statewide associations/societies sometimes offer scholarships and grants.  For example:  New York Downstate Assocaition for Respiratory Therapists (NYDART). External Icon

4.  Nationally:  Nationally recognized associations/societies can offer scholarships and grants.  For example:  The American Society for Clinical Laboratory Science (ASCLS). External Icon

Should you have any questions about scholarship and grant opportunity, please contact our Admissions and Financial Aid Office at (315) 464-4570 or

Good Luck!

Legend:  COM = College of Medicine

               CHP = College of Health Professions

               CON = College of Nursing

               COGS = College of Graduate Studies

Internal Scholarships


Ken George Scholarship Fund

Created in 1998 by Ken George, a retired faculty member of the Department of Medical Imaging. The purpose of this fund is to provide scholarships to students in the SUNY Upstate Medical University College of Health Professions. To apply, use the general application and follow the procedures indicated. Award Amount: Varies
Deadline: Varies
Category: CHP

Medical Alumni Scholarships

The Medical Alumni Association presents over $350,000 in scholarships each year to current and incoming College of Medicine students who qualify based on individual scholarship criteria. Scholarships are awarded at our annual Reunion Awards and Scholarship Presentation, which is held during Reunion Weekend in September. Award Amount: Varies
Deadline: March 31st
Category: COM

Susan B. Stearns PhD Scholarship for International Travel

A scholarship given to two College of Medicine students planning on studying abroad. Award Amount: $500
Deadline: Varies
Category: COM, Study Abroad

Susan B. Stearns PhD Scholarship for Community Engagement

The Stearns Scholarship is a $1,000 scholarship awarded annually to an Upstate Medical University College of Medicine student currently in his/her second year. Students who have distinguished themselves as leaders and volunteers while at Upstate will be considered for this award. Award Amount: $1000
Deadline: Varies
Category: COM, Volunteering

Nursing Alumni scholarships

Since its inception in 1992, the Nursing Alumni Association has awarded nearly 300 scholarships. The association also provides support for faculty enrichment, continuing education, and other needs of the students, faculty and alumni of the College of Nursing. Award Amount: Varies
Deadline: January 29th
Category: CON

Robert James Reilly Scholarship

The Reilly family has established a scholarship endowment in Robert's name to assist an advancing student engaged in the study of Respiratory Therapy within our department. This scholarship is given to a second year student enrolled in the department's Bachelor of Science Degree Program in Respiratory Therapy who demonstrates solid academic achievement and need for financial assistance. Award Amount: Varies
Deadline: Varies
Category: Respiratory Therapy

Margaret Anne Richards Scholarship

Margaret Anne Richards, MS, RRT was a 1973 graduate of our Respiratory Therapy Program and practiced as a Registered Therapist. Two scholarships are offered for two consecutive years to students accepted for study in the BS Degree Program in Respiratory Therapy. Preference is given to graduates and residents of Oswego County. Award Amount: Varies
Deadline: None
Category: Respiratory Therapy

Advocates for Upstate Medical University

The Advocates for UMU undergraduate scholarships for tuition and related expenses assistance will be awarded to active employees and active adult volunteers who are pursuing undergraduate studies in an accredited institution in any health-related field. Award Amount: Varies
Deadline: June 30th, October 28th
Category: Undergraduates

External Scholarships


Jackie Robinson Foundation Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to minority students pursuing a four year undergraduate degree who demonstrate leadership and dedication to community service. Award Amount: Varies
Deadline: February 15th
Category: CHP, Minority Students

MyHeart Scholarship

MyHeart is offering a scholarship in the amount of $1,000 for two students in post-secondary education(including medical school). MyHeart is specifically interested in providing scholarships to those with a passion for protecting America’s future generations from cardiovascular disease, although we will consider applications from students pursuing all areas of healthcare. Award Amount: $1000
Deadline: February 15th
Category: COM

Piscano Leadership Scholarship

The Pisacano Scholars Leadership program is designed to provide educational programs, leadership training, and funding to reimburse a portion of medical-school-related debt. Scholarships will be awarded to outstanding medical students for a four-year period. Students who have made a commitment to the field of family medicine and who will enter their fourth year in medical school in the fall of 2016 may apply. The PLF will award scholarships with a maximum value of $28,000 each for the 2016-2017 academic year. Award Amount: Up to $28,000
Deadline: March 1st
Category: COM 4th Year, Family Medicine

Veteran Caucus of the AAPA Scholarship

The Veteran Caucus of the AAPA is offering a stipend to veterans of any uniformed service of the United States oractive member of the Guard or Reserve (including spouses or children of a US veteran) that is currently enrolled in a Physician Assistant program. Award Amount: Varies
Deadline: March 1st
Category: CHP (PA), Veterans

Rover College Scholarship

This $1000 scholarship is awarded to one student based on their sharing economy essay submission (400-500 words). Award Amount: $1000
Deadline: May 31st
Category: CHP, CON

National Hispanic Health Professional Student Scholarship Program

A scholarship for Hispanic students, committed to careers in healthcare enrolled in a full-time program: dental, medical, (allopathic or osteopathic), nursing, public health or health policy. Award Amount: Varies
Deadline: September
Category: COM, COGS, Hispanic

State Farm Service-Learning Grants

This grant is for funding of student-led service learning projects. Award Amount: Varies
Deadline: October 30th
Category: COM, CHP, COGS, Community Service

American Respiratory Care Foundation Scholarships

The ARCF awards six scholarships to respiratory students in an accredited program. Award Amount: Varies
Deadline: Varies
Category: Respiratory Therapy

Veteran Scholarships and Grants

Montgomery G.I. Bill benefits are available to military personnel who agree to have $100 withheld from their monthly pay allowance. Award Amount: Varies
Deadline: Varies
Category: COM, CHP, COGS, Veterans

College of Nursing Scholarships

While most nursing students receive tuition assistance from their employers, the College of Nursing also participates in a variety of external scholarhips. Award Amount: Varies
Deadline: Varies
Category: CON

Navy Health Professions Scholarship Program

After graduation, participants in these programs join the Navy Medical Team as Officers, with the opportunity to earn a competitive salary, regular promotions, comprehensive medical and dental coverage, low cost travel opportunities, excellent retirement and educational benefits, further training, and a rewarding clinical practice. Additional benefits include 30 days of paid vacation a year, use of military recreational facilities around the world, the opportunity to serve around the world in a variety of facilities, and be a part of supportive team of highly trained professionals. Award Amount: Full tuition and monthly stipend
Deadline: None
Category: COM